Thursday 30 November 2017

Poetry Block: Hush Your Gums by Sheldon Sinnamon

The last day of November and the last day before the festive season really kicks into gear - what better time for a brand new edition of Poetry Block? Today, fresh poetry talent Sheldon Sinnamon is stopping by The Writing Greyhound for a chat about his latest anthology Hush Your Gums and to share an exclusive poem titled, unsurprisingly, 'Hush Your Gums'.

Hush Your Gums

Keep it quiet
keep it secret.
Never grant neighbors
to hear of it.

They already attempt to listen
through paper-thin walls
as it is.

They are metal detectors
bewitched towards us for gossip.
Expecting our lives
to be valued as dramatic.
Or they’ll force
alienation upon us.


I enjoy silence
past midnight.

When they sleep
I pirouette in the street.

Living marvelously
without them
sticking their
intrusive noses in.

About Hush Your Gums

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Tackling a large variety of personal topics and experiences mixing between storytelling and poetry, Hush Your Gums is a perfect continuation to witness Sinnamon's development, maturity, variety and sarcasm. It is also a great introduction book to his work as it is an easier read compared to his previous anthologies Oceans of Ink and Trapped in Words that are both rather dark.

Hush Your Gums is available to buy now.

About Sheldon Sinnamon

sheldon-sinnamon, poet

Sheldon Simmamon is just someone writing to release suffocating, frustrating, or repressed feelings; wanting to show people they are not alone.

To find out more about Sheldon and his poetry, you can check out his website.

Are you a poet and would like to be featured in the next edition of Poetry Block? Get in touch if you are interested!

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