Thursday 30 November 2017

10 Types Of Stationery Writers Should Stock Up On

AD* | As a writer, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re going to love stationery. Whether you write for work or for play, there’s just this thing we tend to have with all kinds of stationery. And it’s a good thing because when you’re a writer, you do tend to need stationery for lots of different things. From making notes and writing lists to planning what you’re going to write and even planning your week, there’s so much that we need stationery for. So when you are a bit of a stationery obsessive, it can feel great to head out and buy a few bits and pieces!

However, you may not know which kinds of stationery can come in handy. After all, when you get used to using the same pen and paper combo, you can feel like you don’t really need much else. But that’s where this post comes in because it's time to talk you through ten types of stationery that you might need to get through your day. If you have a home office, you’re definitely going to find these pieces coming in handy. If you don’t, this could become your incentive to get one together!


The one piece of stationery most people have in their collection - because every writer needs a notebook! Although some writers prefer to do pretty much everything online, many still prefer traditional methods. There’s just a thing about being a writer and actually wanting to physically write - not always type. Whether it’s making notes or jotting down ideas, you’re going to need a notepad to keep them all in. Sometimes even a few - one for each exciting new story idea.


From here, you’re then going to need the right pens to go with your notepad. But, just as with notebooks, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be okay with just one pen. As writers, we tend to have our favourite pens - and we stick to them. You probably already have yours, but if you don’t, then you’re going to want to discover what works for you. You may also want to invest in some coloured pen sets as these can be great for annotations and getting creative with your notes.


Up next, there’s also the idea of getting yourself a journal for a range of reasons. Firstly, you may want to get your thoughts down like a diary - journals are the perfect place for this. But you may also want to get creative with your thoughts, plans, and ideas; this is where the idea of a bullet journal comes in.

To-Do Lists

Of course, you’re going to want to consider getting yourself some specific to-do lists. Even if you tend to write these on scraps of paper or in a notebook, you should definitely start to get a little more organised. When you have a set to-do list, things are easier. You’ll find space for all of the different things you need to write down, and many dedicated lists come with checkboxes too. That way, you can stay super organised and keep on top of everything you have to do.

Sticky Notes

Similarly, you’re going to want to stock up on Post-it notes too. And yes, stock up! Because there are so many different kinds and lots of different reasons why you could want to use them. Maybe you can see yourself writing notes about what you have to do last minute, or you want to get creative with your planning ideas and strategies. You can also get smaller ones to annotate your notes with, too!

Calendar Sheets

Next up, you’re going to need to think about getting a calendar. You must have deadlines and ideas, events and plans to keep somewhere visual - and that’s where a customer calendar can come in. Why not get one for your wall so you can easily see where you are at a glance?

Comment Cards
We always need comment cards in our lives as writers. These can be great for storage, writing up story ideas or just planning out material that you need for tasks or articles. You can also get them in cute designs so you will be able to have a lot of fun while writing up your notes!


In addition, you should definitely consider looking into invitation cards. There are so many lovely designs out there, from silver wedding invitations to birthday party invites. If you fancy getting super organised, why not stock up and keep some designs in advance? That way, when the occasion arises, you don’t have to stress because the perfect invites will already be ready and waiting for you.

Mood Board Bits

You may also want to think about putting a mood board together. This can be great for when you want to feel inspired, and you can change up your images when you’re in need of a creative refresh. Whether you go for a metal rack or something magnetic, you should be able to enjoy creating a lovely collection of images and slogans that will inspire you while you write.

Clips and Pins

Finally, you’re going to want to think about getting yourself some clips and pins together, because when you have all that stationery, you’re going to need to keep it all in check! From paperclips and crocodile clips to pins and pegs, there’s a lot you can choose from - you may even find that you need more for your mood board too. 

As you start to stock up on different bits and pieces, you will gradually find your stationery collection growing. But as a writer, your collection is likely never to be complete!

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Are you a writer? What's your favourite type of stationery? Let me know in the comments below!

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