Friday, 30 July 2021

Book Review: Surprise Heir for the Princess by Kate Hardy

Surprise Heir for the Princess cover

AD* | A secret royal escape. An unexpected consequence!

Princess Vittoria yearns to escape the pressures of her royal life. So when she’s reunited with enigmatic photographer Liam MacCarthy at a party, she agrees to a secret beachside getaway. Vittoria knows she can never have a future with Liam, but under the stars, she gives in to their undeniable chemistry for one perfect night… Until Vittoria returns home to discover she’ll have more than memories to remember Liam by!

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Book Review: Touch of Euphoria by Cat Holland

A Touch of Euphoria by Cat Holland book cover

AD* | A magical love story that spans two realms. An epic read!

Love at first sight is not a notion that Lucy Lavender thinks about often, but when she meets her literary hero her world is turned upside down. Not only is Fabian Lightfoot irresistibly handsome, smart and funny, but has hidden depths that she is eager to discover.

When an unfortunate event changes Lucy’s life forever, she is faced with the stark realisation that she is not just an average woman - or human for that matter. Fabian’s own secrets are forced to the surface too. The fantasy world he writes about is more than just fiction. Euphoros is his home.

Together they journey back to his homeland on an adventure to discover the truth about Lucy, battle an underlying evil that threatens the harmony of the realm, and figure out why the mysterious entity is intent on keeping them apart.

Is their love strong enough to withstand what is thrown at them? One thing Lucy knows for sure; she is meant to be with Fabian and she is meant to save Euphoros.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Book Review: Sunny Summer Treats Anthology

Sunny Summer Treats anthology book cover

AD* | Treat yourself this summer...

This collection of sunny short stories is perfect reading whether you’re living it up at the beach, sunning yourself in the garden, or sheltering indoors from the Great British summertime.

From breath-taking boat rides on beautiful Greek islands to going on the run through the streets of Paris, from ‘best ever ice cream’ to pasteis de nata in pretty Portuguese cafes, these stories celebrate everything there is to love about summer, home and abroad – including, of course, a bit of holiday romance!

Monday, 26 July 2021

Book Review: A Beginner's Guide to Murder by Rosalind Stopps

A Beginner's Guide to Murder by Rosalind Stopps book blog tour banner

AD* | Grace, Meg and Daphne, all in their seventies, are minding their own business while enjoying a cup of tea in a cafĂ© when seventeen-year-old Nina stumbles in. She’s clearly distraught and running from someone, so the three women think nothing of hiding her when a suspicious-looking man starts asking if they’ve seen her.

Once alone, Nina tells the women a little of what she’s running from. The need to protect her is immediate, and Grace, Meg and Daphne vow to do just this. But how? They soon realise there really is only one answer: murder.

And so begins the tale of the three most unlikely murderers-in-the-making, and may hell protect anyone who underestimates them.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Book Review: Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten

Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten book cover

AD* | St. Petersburg, 1725. Peter the Great lies dying in his magnificent Winter Palace. The weakness and treachery of his only son has driven his father to an appalling act of cruelty and left the empire without an heir. Russia risks falling into chaos. Into the void steps the woman who has been by his side for decades: his second wife, Catherine Alexeyevna, as ambitious, ruthless and passionate as Peter himself.

Born into devastating poverty, Catherine used her extraordinary beauty and shrewd intelligence to ingratiate herself with Peter’s powerful generals, finally seducing the Tsar himself. But even amongst the splendour and opulence of her new life - the lavish feasts, glittering jewels, and candle-lit hours in Peter’s bedchamber - she knows the peril of her position. Peter’s attentions are fickle and his rages powerful; his first wife is condemned to a prison cell, her lover impaled alive in Red Square. And now Catherine faces the ultimate test: can she keep the Tsar’s death a secret as she plays a lethal game to destroy her enemies and take the Crown for herself?