Tuesday 30 June 2020

Reading Round-Up: May/June 2020

The Writing Greyhound books

I've got a fresh batch of summery reading ready and waiting to share with you - May and June have definitely been bumper bookish months for me this year! Sit yourself down and take a look through all the books that I've been reading, acquiring, and wishing for over the last two months.

If you missed my last Reading Round-Up post, you can find that here.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Book Review: Holding by Graham Norton

Last Updated: 18 October 2021

Holding by Graham Norton book cover

AD* | The remote Irish village of Duneen has known little drama, and yet its inhabitants are troubled: Sergeant P.J. Collins hasn’t always been this overweight; Brid Riordan, a mother of two, hasn’t always been an alcoholic; and elegant Evelyn Ross hasn’t always felt that her life was a total waste.

So when human remains - suspected to be those of Tommy Burke, a former lover of both Brid and Evelyn - are discovered on an old farm, the village’s dark past begins to unravel. As a frustrated P.J. struggles to solve a genuine case for the first time in his professional life, he unearths a community’s worth of anger and resentments, secrets and regrets.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Book Review: Revenge of the Malakim by Paul Harrison

Last Updated: 18 October 2021

Revenge of the Malakim by Paul Harrison book cover

AD* | It's high summer and the streets of Bridlington East Yorkshire are awash with tourists. A serial killer is on the loose. DCI Will Scott and his team embark upon a fast-paced investigation to catch a killer with a unique agenda. As the body count rises the killer randomly moves location and the police are unwittingly drawn into a dark and sinister world where cover-ups and corruption reigns. A place where no one can truly be trusted and nothing is ever what it seems.

Thursday 11 June 2020

5 Fabulous Upgrades You Can Make to Your Wardrobe

Clothes in Wardrobe

AD* | Everyone deserves a little treat once in a while, and what better way to treat yourself than by investing in a fresh piece for your wardrobe? Even if you aren't a big fashion lover, an item that you feel confident and look fabulous in could be a purchase that you will love for many years to come. 

So, what are some statement pieces that you could invest in? To give you some inspiration, here are five great wardrobe upgrades you can easily make!

Wednesday 10 June 2020

Book Review: Winston Churchill by Dr Christopher Catherwood

Last Updated: 18 October 2021

Winston Churchill by Dr Christopher Catherwood book cover

AD* | This brief and fascinating biography examines every facet of Churchill’s life, from his birth at Blenheim Palace, his tumultuous early political career at Westminster, his inspirational wartime leadership, to his final years as the grand old man of world politics.

Renowned for guiding Britain through the tumultuous Second World War, Churchill was a master orator whose speeches echo through history. But there is more to the man than his official words and photos. Winston Churchill reveals that hidden life, tracking his nine decades from early childhood to his last days. Churchill’s personal letters, documents, and speeches combine to create a unique illustrated portrait of this remarkable man - including his failings, such as the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, the creation of Iraq in 1921, and his blind spot over India. This exciting, colourful exploration of a political titan’s life is a definite must-read.

Friday 5 June 2020

4 Reasons to Consider the Green Home Trend

Last Updated: 15 April 2021
AD* | Transport, agriculture, and industry are the traditional bugbears of the sustainability movement. But as individuals, there isn't a great deal we can do about the resource use in any of these sectors. Real breakthroughs will probably only happen as technology improves. Otherwise, the industry will continue cranking out the same byproducts and using resources, just as it always has, until prices start to rise.

However, the green home trend is different. We already have the technology to make it happen. Plus, it is under our control. Our homes are our spaces, where we make the decisions. Already, sustainable architects are cashing in on the trend. Cash-rich homeowners can pretty much design a bespoke eco-paradise from scratch, including all kinds of features ranging from solar panels to living walls.

Keep on reading to discover four reasons why you should consider the green home trend!