Monday 27 November 2017

5 Tips for a UK Staycation this Winter

AD* | Although winter is more commonly associated with freezing weather, cold temperatures, the festive season and the New Year, it's still a great time to get out and about and explore the UK. Our country is full to the brim with places to see and things to do whatever the weather and whatever the season - why should summer be the only time to take a break?

The days may be shorter and the weather less welcoming, but holidaying in winter makes the perfect opportunity to experience the country's delights from a whole new perspective. Plus, going out of the holiday season means fewer tourists and no irritating crowds!

Of course, if you are thinking about booking yourself a much-needed getaway or relaxing on a short break before all the hectic hustle and bustle that Christmas brings, there is plenty to think about and get organised. As we're almost in December already, time is ticking, so here are my top tips for making sure that your UK staycation is a big success this winter!

Be Prepared

Planning is everything, and when it comes to holidays, you can never be too prepared! Create a list of everything you will need to take with you to ensure nothing gets overlooked, and it can also be a good idea to check the weather and do a little research into attractions and places to eat around the area where you will be staying. Similarly, make sure to check out the area you have settled upon to get a good deal for your chosen accommodation - when the weather is chilly, the last thing you want is a draughty, uncomfortable place to rest your head!


If you're planning to travel to a city by public transport, it's well worth checking in advance as many services run reduced or altered timetables during the winter. Similarly, if you're planning a Christmas or New Year getaway by train, make sure to triple-check just in case of any unexpected delays or dreaded engineering works! Of course, if you would prefer to travel by car, it's important to certify that your car is up to the challenge of a road trip in winter weather. If you have any concerns about its safety or reliability, why not give your vehicle a rest and hire a car for your journey instead? If you hire a car in Liverpool, you're bound to be able to make it all the way down to Cornwall without a hitch!


Warm clothes, waterproofs and sturdy, sensible footwear are an absolute must for every member of your party. Make sure to pack everything you need plus plenty of spares to ensure that you have got every possible eventuality covered. Depending on the weather forecast and where you're planning to visit, it might also be a good idea to bring a scarf, woolly hat and gloves to stave off the seasonal chill!


It might not be something that immediately crosses your mind, but many attractions and sights in the UK will have different opening times during winter and the off-season. From later starts and earlier finishes to weekend-only hours, make sure to do your research and check ahead to avoid disappointment. Similarly, I'd recommend making a list of wet-weather attractions just in case the great British weather decides to live up to its reputation!


Travelling with the family is a wonderful experience, but as December 25th approaches and the kids get increasingly hyper, keeping them in check can become even more difficult than usual! If you are bringing the kids or extended family away with you, make sure that your travel plans and itinerary are both engaging and family-friendly. After all, the more that you can wear the little ones out, the more peaceful your holiday will be! It's also a good idea to pack plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied in the car and in case of any rainy day emergencies.

Are you feeling inspired yet? There are plenty of brilliant places to visit around the country just waiting to be discovered, so pack your bags, lace up your boots and get out on the road this winter!

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Are you thinking of taking a trip during the winter this year? Share your thoughts and any travel tips in the comments below!

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