Monday 11 September 2017

Poetry Block: Here Comes the Sun by Katie Lewington

Last Updated: 17 January 2022

It's been a little while, but today I am pleased to be able to herald a return of TWG's Poetry Block feature! Today, young poet Katie Lewington is here to talk all about her work, discuss her latest travel poetry collection Here Comes the Sun, and share an exclusive sample poem titled 'It is Getting Colder'.

It is Getting Colder

bell rings
from the clock tower
always reminds me of
October, and autumn
horror films and drizzle
coat done to my chin
and Thriller
i am late.
crunch goes the
leaves soon to
be autumn.

About Here Comes the Sun

here-comes-the-sun, katie-lewington, travel, poetry

Grab a drink, and your shades, and read Here Comes the Sun; travel poetry written by Katie Lewington. Experience the thrill of summer, and travel with me through Europe, without needing to move from your seat, standing in airport baggage queues, cobbled streets, sandy beaches, and tourist shops.

Raw and real are the words often used to describe Katie Lewington's work. Here Comes the Sun uses simple language in the poems that were written whilst travelling in the summer of '16. Some of the poems make good use of brevity, while others, such as 'Wi-Fi', are written in more of a prose style. There is contemplation among the hilarity as the seasons change, summer turns to winter, and the nights become colder.

About Katie Lewington

katie-lewington, poet, poetry

Katie Lewington wrote her first poem aged 16 - even though, after analysing a poem for her hellish English GCSE, she vowed she would have nothing more to do with poetry. She has now self-published a number of books, as well as having poetry published in places such as Ghost City Review, Tuck Magazine,, Pink Litter, and Horror Sleaze Trash. She is passionate about helping independent authors find the best audience for their work.

Are you a poet and would like to be featured in the next edition of Poetry Block? Get in touch if you are interested!

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