Wednesday 29 November 2017

Is the New Taylor Swift Trying Too Hard?

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From her humble beginnings as a curly-haired young singer-songwriter, singing catchy country-pop songs about love and heartbreak with her trusty guitar in hand, it's undeniable that Taylor Swift has come a long way both in terms of her music career and her life in general.

After capturing the hearts of fans around the world with her frankness, honesty and storytelling, Swifty has only gone from strength to strength since, with an impressive career catapulting her ever higher under the lights of fame, fortune and stardom.

And a star she is - the world has watched that naive young girl grow older, find love, experience heartbreak and put it all into her songs. We watched as her sound began to change, the country roots gradually dimming as pop became ever more prevalent. We watched as she spoke up for herself and did things her way, reaching increasingly wider audiences as her music continued to grow and develop, a living sound changing and reacting in accordance with its creator's life experiences. Today, we watch her in the limelight, having just released her latest album to fans around the world who are constantly hungry for more. From all this and more, it's undeniable that Taylor Swift has become much more than just a humble singer-songwriter - she is a global megastar.

From a personal point of view, I've always admired Miss Swift. I grew up with her music and fell in love with her songs - as a teenager myself, her early tunes were the perfect soundtrack to all the high school drama that is an integral part of growing up. As I grew older, I continued to listen to her music, both new and old. On my 22nd birthday, '22' was on repeat.

But as time went on, the woman I'd idolised began to change.

Not only was it a new hairstyle and a change in musical direction - that I could have coped with. Instead, Taylor as an individual seemed to be altering with every new story I read or picture I saw. With every latest heartbreak and doomed relationship, that spark within her seemed to dim a little, losing more and more of what made her unique; what made her stand out from the crowd.

I love Taylor and I feel sorry for her, nor do I pretend to know what happens in her personal life, but I do wonder whether the dramatic change in direction and sudden could care less attitude is a cry for help. Is Swifty losing her way?

We all know that the path to stardom is one paved with pitfalls, but has it trapped another victim? It remains to be seen but I, for one, still prefer the old Taylor Swift... let's just hope she's not dead yet.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Let me know in the comments below!

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