Saturday 15 May 2021

Book Review: Katharine Parr, The Sixth Wife by Alison Weir

Katharine Parr the Sixth Wife by Alison Weir book cover

AD* | Two husbands dead; a life marred by sadness. And now Katharine is in love for the first time in her life.

The eye of an ageing and dangerous king falls upon her. She cannot refuse him. She must stifle her feelings and never betray that she wanted another.

And now she is the sixth wife. Her queenship is a holy mission yet, fearfully, she dreams of the tragic parade of women who went before her. She cherishes the secret beliefs that could send her to the fire. And still the King loves and trusts her.

Now her enemies are closing in. She must fight for her very life.

KATHARINE PARR – the last of Henry’s queens.

Alison Weir recounts the extraordinary story of a woman forced into a perilous situation and rising heroically to the challenge. Katharine is a delightful woman, a warm and kindly heroine – and yet she will be betrayed by those she loves and trusts most.

Too late, the truth will dawn on her.

Engaging and involving, this book tells the story of Katharine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and final wife. 

The book follows Katharine's life from birth to death. It starts with her childhood and early days, progresses through her first two marriages, explores her journey to becoming queen, and finally, examines her fourth and last marriage.

Katharine Parr was a learned, intelligent woman who was so much more than simply one of Henry VIII's wives. From reading this book, it almost seems as though she was a woman born before her time. Katharine was well-educated and enjoyed lively debates on religion, philosophy, and theology. She took a keen interest in education - inherited from her mother - and cared little for the politics of court. This book shows the real Katharine Parr - and she must truly have been someone to behold.

Alison Weir brings Katharine's story to life through her own excellent storytelling. It is masterfully written, keeping to the facts without compromising on enjoyment or readability. As is the case with her other books, Weir writes in a succinct and engaging way, bringing these historical figures into the limelight. 

Whether you are well-versed in Tudor history or just curious about Henry's last wife, this book provides the perfect opportunity to get to know Katharine Parr.

Rating: 4 stars

Katharine Parr, the Sixth Wife is available to buy now.

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