Wednesday 8 January 2020

Book Review: Tales of Old Northamptonshire by Marian Pipe

Last Updated: 12 October 2021

Tales of Old Northamptonshire by Marian Pipe book cover

This book presents an illustrated collection of stories from Northamptonshire's past, full of humour, romance and drama, retold by well-known local author Marian Pipe.

This book is a fascinating account of local history and some wonderful stories that have been passed down through the generations. Local history has always been an interest of mine, and it's clear that the author, Marian Pipe, shares my enthusiasm for learning about - and celebrating - the Northamptonshire of a bygone era.

I have lived in Northamptonshire nearly all my life and I am proud to call this county home. The Rose of the Shires, as it is also known, is a large county stretching from Daventry in the south almost to Peterborough in the east. Full of charming villages and beautiful countryside, the County of Spires and Squires is historic, accessible, and yet sadly often overlooked.

In Tales of Old Northamptonshire, Marian Pipe has painstakingly collected stories, tales, myths, legends and anecdotes from every corner of the county. Lovingly edited and compiled together, the end result is a wonderful collection of stories telling tales that may otherwise have been lost to the passage of time.

It is fascinating to learn more about the local history of my home county, and with such a rich history, it's clear that Marian Pipe must certainly have had plenty of stories to choose from! Whether it's ghost stories or famous faces, life in ancient village communities or shocking crimes, Northamptonshire really does have it all - and this is the perfect opportunity to bring history back to life in full colour again.

So, if you're a fellow Northamptonshire resident or you just fancy learning more about some incredible historical tales from the heart of England, this book is the ideal way to do just that. 

Rating: 5 stars

Tales of Old Northamptonshire is available to buy now.

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