Wednesday 12 May 2021

Book Review: Incredible Doom by Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden

Incredible Doom by Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden book cover

AD* | It’s the dawn of a new age... the age of the internet.

Allison is drowning under the weight of her manipulative stage magician father. When he brings home the family’s first computer, she escapes into a thrilling new world where she meets Samir, a like-minded new online friend who has just agreed to run away from home with her.

After moving to a new town and leaving all of his friends behind, Richard receives a mysterious note in his locker with instructions on how to connect to “Evol BBS,” a dial-in bulletin board system, and meets a fierce punk named Tina who comes into his life and shakes his entire world view loose.

Unlikely alliances, first love, and minor crime sprees abound in this teen graphic novel debut about making connections while your world is falling apart.

Incredible Doom is an immersive graphic novel focused on technology, connections, and falling in love.

Technology and the internet are now so ingrained into our daily lives that it seems almost impossible to imagine a world without them. Incredible Doom, however, takes you back to the early days of the internet, when computers were confusing and nobody really knew how the internet worked. 

The main characters in this story are all tech-savvy young people, embracing the new technology and the opportunities it brings. From making friends to answering the most difficult questions, they welcome the internet with open arms, despite the difficulties they face. 

It's not all about discovering new technology, though - this book deals with some pretty intense themes. From sexuality to loneliness and even abuse, this is a no-holds-barred glimpse into four young people's lives. The light and dark elements are perfectly juxtaposed for a realistic, gritty story.

The design and art style are eye-catching yet simplistic. With muted colours and understated panels, the story is really brought to life, perfectly illustrating the book without detracting from the storyline. The composition is excellent; this is a really well thought out graphic novel that keeps you fully immersed throughout. 

Above all, though, this is a story about making connections and forging your own path. Despite some bad decisions and difficult situations, it's undeniable that the internet changes the character's lives forever. As, undoubtedly, it's changed all of our lives too. 

Rating: 4 stars

Incredible Doom is available to buy now. 

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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