Wednesday 5 May 2021

Book Review: Sticks and Stones by Jo Jakeman

Sticks and Stones by Jo Jakeman book cover

AD* | How far would you go for revenge on your ex?

Imogen’s husband is a bad man. His ex-wife and his new mistress might have different perspectives but Imogen thinks she knows the truth. And now he’s given her an ultimatum: get out of the family home in the next fortnight or I’ll fight you for custody of our son.

In a moment of madness, Imogen does something unthinkable. Something that puts her in control. But how far will she go to protect her son and punish her husband? And what will happen when his ex and his girlfriend get tangled up in her plans?

Tense and twisting, Sticks and Stones is an unsettling psychological thriller bound to keep you up at night! 

The story focuses on Imogen, a woman currently in the process of divorcing her cheating, manipulative ex-husband. Immie is a bit of a loner; her relationship with her mother is strained and she only has one good friend she can truly rely on. However, Imogen's world really revolves around her young son, Alistair - whose father seems determined to bring their world crashing down. 

Phillip is a self-centred cop who cares about little else other than his reputation and getting his own way. He really is a nasty piece of work yet as is sadly the case with so many domestic abusers, few people ever see beyond the public facade. However, as the story progresses, things escalate and it isn't long before Phillip is forced to show his true colours. 

Phillip's current girlfriend and first ex-wife, Naomi and Ruby, are also intriguing characters added to the mix. All three women have striking differences yet also clear similarities. Their attitudes towards Phillip and their reactions to the unfolding events vary greatly, but the trio is forced to work together when they come up against Phillip. It's tense, thrilling, and suspenseful.

Although the character-driven elements of this book are great, sadly some parts of the plot are unrelatable and rather over-the-top. It's hard to believe that certain things would happen if this were a real situation, which leaves a bit of a disconnect between the reader and the story. Luckily, though, this doesn't detract from the creeping tension and gripping suspense of the book. 

Sticks and Stones is a domestic psychological thriller packed with twists and turns around every corner!

Rating: 3 stars 

Sticks and Stones is available to buy now. 

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