Monday 3 August 2015

Book Review: Finding Flynn by Alexandria Bishop

Last Updated: 15 May 2021

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AD* | Ashtyn Moretti is ready for the best summer of her life. But her parents have other plans when they drop the bomb that her perfect summer will be spent...

Away from home.

Away from friends.

Away from half her family.

Armed with her Summer from Hell playlist and a Kindle full of book boyfriends, Ashtyn prepares to face what she is sure will be the worst summer of her life. Or will it be?

Flynn James has one thing on his mind - the success of his band Marlowe. He’s focused and doesn’t have time for any distractions, and that includes facing his past. But then a petite brunette comes walking into the pub where he works.

Neither Ashtyn nor Flynn were looking for love but they can’t deny their obvious attraction. Ashtyn’s summer has been full of lies. The last thing she expects is for Flynn to be one of the liars too. Can she forgive his lies and turn her summer around? Can Flynn keep his secrets without losing everything? Or will this really be the Summer from Hell?

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Finding Flynn reminded me a lot of Zaryk (paid link; commission earned) by C.A. Jonelle, which I also read and reviewed recently. Both books feature a romance between a girl and a 'broken' band member, and both books have a very similar shock twist partway through. Once I thought of the similarity I couldn't help but keep comparing the two books, especially as they did turn out to be so similar.

However, both books have good points in their own right too.

I enjoyed the relationship between Ashtyn and Flynn. It was sweet and natural, especially after their first encounter. Unfortunately, I did get a bit confused about time in the book - I thought things were happening a lot quicker than they actually were because it wasn't explained. But once that got straightened out about halfway through and I managed to wrap my head around it, it was okay.

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I found myself a bit at odds with the characters too. As a character, I loved Flynn. He has hidden depths and is intriguing, I really enjoyed learning about him and seeing how he dealt with the conflicts (both internal and external) that cropped up. Chloe, too, was an interesting character. I liked the contrast between how she was perceived to be by others and how she actually felt. The love triangle part of her story was also interesting.

Ashtyn, however, was a completely different story. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't engage with her character. I found her annoying and irritating at times - I don't know what it was but something about her just rubbed me up the wrong way, which was a shame.

The story as a whole was quite light and easy to read, despite the occasional heavier moments of drama and conflict. I liked how realistic the character's reactions to the events were, which was definitely one of the strong points of the book.

Finding Flynn is a quick, light read, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The book is available to buy now (paid link; commission earned).

Rating: 3 stars

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 

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