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5 Laundry Money-Saving Tips

Last Updated: 30 March 2021

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AD* | Since my partner and I bought our house and moved in together last year, it's been a steep learning curve for both of us as we've had to learn to properly 'adult'. From managing money and paying the bills to doing the weekly shop, keeping on top of chores and maintenance around the home, there's been a lot to wrap our heads around!

Luckily, for me, laundry is one of those chores that never really seems like a chore. Although needing to stand behind the ironing board for hours isn't much fun, washing, drying, and ironing clothes is an essential part of daily life (unless you're rich enough to buy new clothes every week - which I'm definitely not!)

On the subject of money, being on a tight budget has meant that we need to carefully watch our spending and keep track of every last penny. While laundry certainly isn't our biggest expense, we are always looking for good ways to save ourselves a little extra cash and make our household more efficient.

As a result, I've put together five of my top tips to help you save money with your laundry!

1. Bulk Buy

Even if you only do a wash a few times a week, you will still need to stock up on the essentials like washing powder, detergent, and fabric conditioner. Depending on your personal preferences, costs for these items can soon add up - especially if you prefer particular branded products or are running your machine every day. Save your pennies by opting for cheaper, non-branded products or by looking for specific offers or deals when out shopping. Another great way to cut costs is to buy in bulk - personally, we do a big Costco shop several times a year which has definitely saved us money in the long run.

2. Look for Deals

In addition to searching out the best deals for your laundry detergent, items like washing machines, tumble dryers, laundry baskets, clothes hampers, airers, washing lines and more also need to be considered. If something needs replacing, do a little browsing to find where you can buy it the cheapest - especially for more expensive items. Similarly, money-saving deals, offers and sales are great places to look for discounted laundry essentials. 

3. Air Dry

Ditch the tumble dryer and opt to air dry your laundry to save costs and keep a little more cash in your pocket. Tumble drying might get your laundry dry faster, but if you really want to save money, there's nothing wrong with a traditional airer or washing line. Similarly, when the weather is good, it's not only more economical to dry your washing outside, but it is also better for your home environment and will help to reduce the risk of mould growth. If you're in a rush, why not try these hacks to dry your clothes faster?

4. Full Loads Only

As a general rule, you should only run your washing machine when you've got a full load of dirty laundry ready to be washed. Half loads will cost you more as the chances are that you will need to run the machine more often to get all your laundry washed, so why pay more when you can fully fill the drum and run fewer cycles?

5. Cool Wash

Washing your clothes on a lower temperature cycle is not only better for the environment, but it should net you a saving, too. Laundry washed at 30 degrees Celsius will still get just as clean but will bring more benefits to you and your household. It's a win-win situation! Plus, if you are interested in making your laundry work harder for the environment, check out this great method for cleaning your washing machine naturally.

While each of these tips may not be applicable to everyone, I hope that you will be able to take something useful away from this post and save yourself a little extra cash. 

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Have you got any additional laundry money-saving tips? Share them in the comments below!

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