Friday 24 May 2019

Bathroom Blinds with Make My Blinds

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AD* | It's been over a year since we've been in our home together, yet there is still a lot of work left to do on the house! In particular, one of the areas that we've done next to no work on has been the bathrooms. As everything seemed to be working fine, pretty much all we did was add towel rails, toilet roll holders and light shades - and give everything a thorough deep clean, of course!

As we had to buy a lot of essentials (and pay for work on the things that urgently needed sorting) money has been tight in terms of spending on the house, so a lot has gone on the 'to sort in the future' list - including the bathrooms. However, when the lovely people at Make My Blinds kindly offered us a blind for our home, the bathroom immediately came to mind!

As the glass in our bathroom window is distorted, we decided that getting a blind for the window wasn't a big priority when we moved in - hence why it's still bare over a year later. Luckily, though, Make My Blinds saved the day!

Once we had decided where we wanted the blind, the actual order process was a piece of cake. We simply measured the bathroom window to get the right dimensions for our new blind before browsing the wide array of different styles and colours available on the Make My Blinds site.

We eventually settled on the Gibson Egg Shell Roller Blind as it perfectly matched the existing colour scheme of the bathroom, and - bonus - it's also made from 100% PVC fabric, meaning that it's completely waterproof. Perfect for the bathroom environment!

bathroom, blind, make-my-blinds, home, cat

Once the order had been placed, our lovely new blind arrived exactly a week later. Everything was exactly to our specifications and the blind was securely packaged and pristine upon arrival, which was a definite plus.

Similarly, the blind itself was quick and easy to install and fit the window perfectly. The colour matched exactly with the advertised colour shown on the website, too, which is one thing I was a little concerned about. However, as it turned out, I needn't have worried as the blind looks wonderful up on the wall and adds a beautifully light, airy touch to the small room.

We are both very pleased with our new blind from Make My Blinds and the next time we do some interior decorating, I will definitely be shopping with them again!

Visit to see the full range and choose your favourite!

* I received a custom blind in exchange for an honest review

Will you consider Make My Blinds for your next interior upgrade? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This sounds like such a quick and easy process, I'll have to look into this because we could do with a couple of new blinds in our home. And I had no idea blinds could be waterproof either, that's great to know! Thank you for sharing such a helpful post :) Lisa x

    1. No problem - I hope you're able to find some great blinds for your home too! x