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Book Review: Not Enough by Mia Hoddell

Last Updated: 28 May 2021

Not Enough by Mia Hoddell book cover

AD* | Neve Colvin isn’t good enough. As an introvert, her life is a never-ending list of labels and criticism. Pressures to change come from everyone - including the one person she thought would love her unconditionally... her mother. All Neve wants is acceptance, but surrounded by extroverts it’s a wish that’s nearly impossible to fulfil.

For Neve there’s only one solution: anyone disapproving must go. Even if it means only one person will remain.

That person is her lifelong friend Blake Reynolds. He’s seen the fights with her mum, the breakdowns caused by attacks on her personality, and the battles for acceptance. Each time she is left shattered and questioning who she is, he’s the one to collect the pieces of her broken heart. Shielding her from the cruelty is his only concern. But how can he protect her when Neve is concealing a secret so dark?

Blake thinks he knows everything about her, and with their relationship developing, he assumes Neve trusts him fully. However, there is one memory Neve is too ashamed of to share. Revealing it will test Blake’s loyalty beyond what she could ever ask, and Blake is the only friend she can’t afford to lose. He’s the one person capable of dragging her from the darkness plaguing her, but with pressures to conform increasing, even Blake may not be enough to pull her back this time.

I'll be honest, I started this book a little dubiously. In my experience, indie authors can be very hit and miss. Don't get me wrong, I support indie authors all the way, it's just that sometimes the best indie books can get overshadowed by the minefield of mediocrity that is the world of indie publishing.

However, I was approached by the author, Mia Hoddell, with a view to participating in Not Enough's blog tour. As part of the blog tour, I also conducted an interview with Mia, which you can read here. Never being one to pass up an opportunity when it comes to books, I agreed and got stuck into reading the book.

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The thing that struck me most was how much I could relate to Neve, the main character. Neve is an introvert, a shy, quiet individual who prefers the company of herself and a select few individuals. In many respects, Neve is a lot like me. We tend to deal with things in a similar way, we react much the same, and our personalities are also similar. In short, I saw a lot of myself in Neve.

I also loved the other main character. Blake is the perfect guy to counterbalance Neve. He provides her with much-needed safety and security - he is the rock to anchor her amongst the confusion of her life. From the very first time we encounter him it's obvious where the story is going to end up, but it's still great to follow Neve on her journey to acceptance throughout the book.

Sadly some of the other characters fell a little flat - Neve's mum in particular was very one-sided and undeveloped, but one other character I'd like to hear more of is Blake's roommate Robbie. Despite not playing a major part Robbie was always there in the background, and I felt like he had a lot more to give even though he was just a minor character. Perhaps the author should do a spin-off starring Robbie? I for one would be very interested to read it!

Another thing I liked about Not Enough was the fact that it was set in England. This was a major surprise - I can't actually remember the last time I read a YA/NA book set in England, and I hadn't realised how much I missed the subtle cultural differences until I read this book. So thank you to Mia Hoddell for not giving in to America's dominance of the genre!

I really enjoyed Not Enough for all these reasons. If you're an introvert and you need a dose of confidence, I really recommend this book to you.

Rating: 4 stars

Not Enough is available to buy now (paid link; commission earned).

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 

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  1. I was lucky enough to read Not Enough and loved Neve's story . . . I think Robbie should get hie own story too!!

    1. I'm glad you agree! Thanks for commenting Kirsty x

  2. Thanks for reviewing! Nothing's definite, but I have been playing around with ideas for Robbie's book so it may happen.

    1. You're welcome! I hope so, I'd love to read a book from Robbie's POV x