Saturday 28 November 2015

10 Tips to Pass Your Driving Theory Test

Driving Theory Test Pass Letter

Learning to drive is a massive step towards becoming independent, so understandably it can be a stressful time, no matter how old you are when you take the test. The theory test is the first hurdle for learners so it can be a very nerve-wracking experience. But having been there and experienced it first-hand, I thought I'd share some of my acquired knowledge with you. My driving theory test tips might just help you overcome the hurdle you are facing and get you out on the road. Here are my top 10 tips to pass your theory test!

  1. Don't panic. Nerves are understandable, but getting worked up and being too nervous or anxious will only do you more harm than good. Being nervous can cause you to make stupid mistakes and forget even the most simple things you've spent days learning. Take deep breaths and focus on what you know. If you're in the right mindset you're guaranteed to give yourself a much bigger chance of success.
  2. Don't leave it until the last minute. If you leave it to the last minute and try to cram everything the night before, you won't remember anything. Plus you'll be overtired and you'll start to panic. See tip 1.
  3. Don't compare yourself to others. Who cares if your brother/sister/cousin/best friend passed with flying colours? Trying to live up to precedents set by other people only puts more pressure on you. It's not worth it.
  4. Check out where your chosen test centre is in advance, especially if you have to travel or it's in an area you're unfamiliar with. Make sure you know exactly where it is and how to get there. That way, you won't be late on the day and you won't get stressed trying to find the building 5 minutes before your test is due to start. 
  5. Ask your driving instructor any questions or things you're not sure about in advance. Don't be scared of asking seemingly obvious questions - it's their job to help you pass, after all!
  6. Make sure you know all the stats and numbers. Even if they seem boring or irrelevant, you still need to know them. Don't neglect the stopping distances!
  7. Use all the resources available to you. Study the highway code, use apps, websites and any special tools you can get access to. Do plenty of practice tests too. A few free sites I found useful were Top Tests Theory and Theory Test Online.
  8. Get family members or friends to ask you questions and test your knowledge. Learning in different ways can help to reinforce what you know in your head. It will also prepare you for the test, as some of the questions are likely to be worded in a slightly ambiguous way to really test you.
  9. Don't neglect the hazard perception test. Don't be fooled into thinking it's easy; at the end of the day, it still makes up half of your result. You'll really struggle to pass without practising the hazard perception side at all.
  10. Remember it's not the end of the world if you fail. You can always try again, and no one will think any the worse of you if it comes to that. Good luck!
Have you passed your theory test? Let me know in the comments below!

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