Thursday 30 July 2015

Book Review: Jesse's Girl by Miranda Kenneally

Last Updated: 15 May 2021

Jesses Girl by Miranda Kenneally book cover

AD* | Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke. So when Maya Henry said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she’d get to shadow *the* Jesse Scott, Nashville’s teen idol.

But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true. He’s as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he’s accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya’s lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves. Not to mention that Jesse’s pushy and opinionated. He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya’s playing back up to other people’s dreams. Does she have what it takes to follow her heart - and go solo?

I've read a few books with a similar set-up to this - Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher and Finding Flynn (paid links; commission earned) by Alexandria Bishop immediately spring to mind - but I still love the idea. I think it appeals to that dream most teenage girls have at some point, of being swept off their feet by a gorgeous, talented celebrity. Right?

Now I'm not really into country music unless you count Lady Antebellum and old-school Taylor Swift, but that wasn't an issue for me. I seem to have picked up a lot of romances recently where the main character falls in love with a charming southern guy, so by now, I feel like I get the whole country guy thing because I'm so used to it.

The plot was pretty predictable, but then it always is in these kinds of books. That doesn't matter though because you don't pick up a romance for a thrilling plot that needs a lot of concentration. You pick up a romance for a fun, warm, light-hearted read - and that's exactly what Jesse's Girl was.

I stayed up till 2.30am the night before I was due to start my new job (because I'm clever like that) just so I could finish this book. I didn't plan to read it in one sitting, but you know what it's like when you can't stop reading because you have to get to the end. Just one more chapter...

One thing I particularly loved about Maya and Jesse was that their relationship was real. No unrealistic falling in love forever at first sight here - the fact that Kenneally allowed their relationship to develop slowly and naturally spoke volumes to me. They're sweet together, and it's lovely that we can see how they both not only needed each other but were good for each other too.

However, I also liked them as individual characters too. They're extremely driven and passionate about what they love to do, yet the fact that both are willing to potentially sacrifice that and put family first was really sweet. Despite this, I liked most about them that they're both proudly independent and want to work hard to achieve their goals without having to ask others for help. It's refreshing for characters to have such a strong work ethic like that, but it really pays off for Jesse and Maya.

Personally, I felt the ending was a little weaker than the rest of the book, but not by a big margin. I still enjoyed it, but I just didn't connect with it quite as much. However, I liked that the plot was taken slowly rather than rushing along at breakneck speed - we got so much detail about everything that it felt like I was really there watching the scenes unfold. The little details of their day are what really made the story, and I'm glad the author kept them in the book.

If you're looking for a heartwarming book to curl up and relax with, this is definitely the book for you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to check out Miranda Kenneally's other books!

Rating: 4 stars

Jesse's Girl is available to buy now (paid link; commission earned).

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