Sunday 19 July 2015

Gig Review: McBusted - Alive @ Delapre

The Writing Greyhound Tom Fletcher

Pop supergroup McBusted kicked off 2015’s Alive @ Delapre 3-day festival in a spectacular fashion on Friday night. Fresh from their MEAT (Most Excellent Adventure Tour) earlier this year, and a support slot on One Direction’s recent world tour, the boys were on top form as usual.

McBusted is comprised of all four members of Mcfly (Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd) and two of Busted’s original line-up (James Bourne and Matt Willis). The group was formed back in 2013 and was a massive risk for both bands. Luckily that risk paid off, and two sell-out tours and an album later, the boys are still going strong.

Friday night was the second time I’d seen the supergroup live, and it was definitely different to the first. The initial time I saw them was on the first night of their two nights at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena on their MEAT tour. If you attended that tour, you’ll know what I mean when I say it was a proper show. If not, think primary colours, retro gaming, a flying DeLorean, crazy props, a ‘wedding’, lots of lights, effects, and (of course) the music.

In that respect, this show was completely different. Friday night went back to the roots, completely stripping away all the staging, gadgets and gimmicks, and returning to a more traditional concert with nothing more than just the boys and the music.

The Writing Greyhound Dougie Poynter

Support was in the form of Irish boyband HomeTown, trying to promote their latest single ‘Where I Belong’. The band performed a half-hour set comprised mainly of covers but didn’t seem to be much of a hit with the audience. They looked a little lost on the stage as well – six members and not one of them was playing an instrument. Still, they seemed nice enough, even though it was obvious they were just the self-styled Irish One Direction.

The show followed the same setlist as the MEAT tour minus a few songs, including ‘Riding On My Bike’, which was probably dropped due to the logistics of actually getting a bike on stage. There was a good variety of classic Busted and Mcfly hits, drawing on the bands’ extensive combined backlist, as well as a few original McBusted tracks thrown into the mix. This delighted both older and newer fans, as it ensured everyone was kept happy!

Right from the outset with the opening track ‘Air Guitar,’ the boys put on a fun-filled, energetic performance. From the moment they came on stage, they were bouncing around like a band half their age, even starting the show by coming on and leapfrogging over each other. This energy drove the entire show, encouraging the audience to join in and have a great time alongside the band.

The segments in between songs were just as crazy and random as I’ve come to expect, with jokes between the band and the crowd. As Friday was Tom’s 30th birthday, we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. Some of the crowd also threw presents and gifts onstage for him, which was a nice touch. However, things started to get a little out of hand when James noticed the donut stand at the back of the field and jokingly asked someone to go and get him a donut. Unsurprisingly, this request ended up with everyone throwing anything they could get their hands on onto the stage (including plenty of donuts). Someone then threw cake onto the stage, which Matt threw back, and this resulted in a mini cake war between the boys and the fans.

The Writing Greyhound James Bourne

Due to the cake war, the band ended up running over time for their last song, ‘Year 3000’. Nobody seemed to mind though, and by the time the last chord ended, the crowd were all screaming for more. Although it was a fairly short set, it was definitely a great night. The longevity of McBusted may not be certain, but I for one hope they stick around a while longer.

Are you a fan of McBusted? Were you at the show too? Let me know in the comments below!

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