Wednesday 25 September 2019

Book Review: The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse

Last Updated: 20 September 2021

The Things I Know by Amanda Prowse book cover

From bestselling author Amanda Prowse comes a heartwarming tale of first impressions and lasting love.

Thomasina ‘Hitch’ Waycott loves living and working on the remote family farm and B&B. But she also wants more. To see the world. To own her own home. To fall madly in love.

But those are fairy tales, and if her life is a fairy tale, then she’s the ugly duckling. Her deformed lip, her crooked limbs and her weak heart have kept her from taking chances. But that’s about to change.

When Grayson Potts comes to stay, he’s unlike anyone Thomasina has ever met. He’s aloof, eccentric and exceptionally kind. He’s also totally unconcerned with the physical flaws that have always defined Thomasina.

The two form a bond that neither has had before. It’s possible that it could become something more, but Thomasina also wonders if it’s too good to be true. By putting her heart on the line, Thomasina may open herself to heartbreak. But she may also open herself to so much more.

The Things I Know is the first book by Amanda Prowse that I have read, and I'm happy that I finally got round to giving one of her books a go. However, although I enjoyed the book, I felt that it lacked that all-important spark of brilliance, which is a shame.

Initially, I struggled to get into the story and I found it to be overly cliche and not particularly engaging. Luckily, this changed when I got a little further into the book, and I soon found myself rooting for Thomasina in the face of all the burdens she has to carry.

Right from the very start, the bond and chemistry between Thomasina and Grayson is tangible, and it's clear that the pair are destined to be together. However, with unexpected difficulties aplenty and lots of personal hurdles to overcome, it seems as though this pair of star-crossed lovers may never get their happily ever after.

One thing I did love about the book was Thomasina's character progression. Starting out as a meek, browbeaten young woman, she gradually becomes more confident and sure of herself as the story progresses. It's lovely to read and makes for a heartwarming addition to the plot, showing that she doesn't need a man in her life in order to reach her full potential.

The Things I Know is an easy, light-hearted read with an important message. The perfect accompaniment to a summer day spent lounging by the pool, this is an enjoyable book ideally suited to fans of sweet romance reads.

Rating: 3 stars

The Things I Know is available to buy now.

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  1. This sounds like a nice enough story, but I'm not generally a fan of romantic fiction. I only read a couple of romantic fiction books a year and they have to be pretty special to grab my attention.

    1. I've read a lot of romance this year but sadly this one just didn't work for me!

  2. Hi Lorna, Amanda Prowse is an author I keep meaning to check out, but never get round to. This book sounds like the sort of book I'd read after a more serious read.


    1. Oh definitely, it's certainly a light, summery read in my opinion! x

  3. I've had a few Amanda Prowse titles come up on my NetGalley emails, but I always seem to have so many pending books, that I hardly ever download anything from NetGalley, so I haven't actually read any of her titles. Shame it didn't quite hit the mark for you but well done for getting past the start. I sometimes end up abandoning a book if I'm struggling at the beginning. Had to let an author know earlier this week that I couldn't complete their review #readwithme

    1. I feel you, my Netgalley list is ridiculous at the moment! The only reason I'm determined to finish every book I read is because I'm stubborn, I think haha

  4. Good book review, though personally I also look a good thriller X #pocolo

    1. Thrillers are great! I'm always reading and reviewing books across a whole range of genres so hopefully I'll share one you like soon! x

  5. Such a shame this one didn't quite work for you. I'm always looking for new reads so thanks for sharing your reviews. x