Sunday 18 November 2018

Is Long-Term Travel Right for Your Life?

AD* | Long-term travel is something many of us dream about. When we are tired of the rat race and bored of our regular surroundings, the thought of taking time out to cross destinations off our travel bucket list is a wonderful one. But is it realistic? Is it an ideal that we can accomplish, or is it just a pipe dream? I can't answer for you, but I do have some pointers to help your thinking.


It is life-changing. 

If you have the time and money to visit new countries, then know that your life will be changed forever. Every day will be an adventure, whether you stay rooted in one place for a long period, or move between towns and countries on your travelling expedition. You will meet new people, see new places, and experience things that you wouldn't otherwise do in the place you are now. Your mind will be blown wide open by the many things you will discover, not only about the places you visit but also about yourself as a person, as you step out of your comfort zone. If you are not averse to trying new things, and taking the occasional risks, then long-term travel may be for you.

You will see more of one place. 

Let's face it. When on holiday, you will never get the opportunity to see everything you want to, not even when you extend your trip by a week. You then have to come home again, with all of those 'what if' thoughts circulating through your mind. What if I had time to visit that place? What if I could live in my favourite country, instead of coming home to dullsville? If this is you, then long-term travel is for you. You can hop between towns and villages in your favourite country with a tent on your back, spending as much time as you want in each place before moving on. Or you could even set yourself a base, whether you rent a place or look for an affordable matured estate HDB flat for sale. You can then come and go as you please, fully exploring the area around you, without worrying about not having enough time to do everything you want to do.

You won't have the Monday morning blues. 

Sure, you might need to fund your way through travel, so getting a job while abroad may be your best bet. But working away may be preferable to that daily commute you are currently making each day. Taking temporary work, be it apple picking in an orchard or writing a travel blog to fund your travels from A to B, maybe a far more welcoming proposition than waking up on Monday morning to go to the same place, with the same people, with the same boring tasks that you may currently be used to. Whether you're working or not while on your travels, you will still have more impetus to get out of bed, explore your surroundings, and venture out to experience a world that is a lot less boring than the one you may currently be used to.


You might miss your home comforts. 

It's not all sunshine and roses while travelling. If you are used to a certain way of life and get some degree of enjoyment in the things you do, then you may have to deal with culture shock when travelling somewhere new. You may have to eat things you aren't used to. You may have to forego a comfortable bed and sofa if you are forever on the road. Those luxury baths and showers may become a thing of the past for a while. In short, if you're a bit of a home bird, and you are averse to discomfort in your living situation, then you may be better off staying at home.

You might feel isolated. 

Think about the people you will be leaving behind. Think about your family and friends. Sure, you can keep in touch on social media and Skype if you get a wifi connection when travelling, but it's not the same as popping around for a cup of tea and a natter. And think about the language of the countries you will be visiting. Not everybody is versed in your lingo so you will have to learn theirs. Especially if you want to make new friendships, you will need to put the effort in. If you can't bear to be apart from people for long, or if you simply can't be bothered to learn a new language, then you might want to reconsider the prospect of long-term travel.

Is long-term travel right for you? 

I don't have all the answers, but hopefully, you will be able to make your own mind up from these pros and cons. In a way, it depends on what you want to get out of life and how willing you are to make sacrifices to get it. Whatever the situation is for you, I hope that you make the right decision moving forward.

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