Monday 11 December 2017

3 European Travel Destinations Not to Be Missed Off Your Bucket List

If you’ve been out and about and caught the travel bug, then the chances are that you’ve probably started a travel bucket list. Throwing caution to the wind and wondering how you will ever be able to afford to travel to all of the places you want to visit may be an issue, but with some careful planning and preparation, travel is easily accessible to all. If you are in the process of creating your travel bucket list, here are three destinations that you should definitely not miss off your list. Whether you are a thrill seeker or a relaxation lover, these destinations have something special and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with them.


If you are a lover of Game Of Thrones and prefer to seek out action-packed moments and thrill-seeking adventures, Iceland is the place to visit. You can relax in a hot spring whilst lying under the stars waiting for the Northern Lights to make their spectacular appearance. There is even a scientific equation for working out the best month to see the Northern Lights, so you have the best chance of seeing them. You can also take an adventure into Langjokull glacier, descend into a dormant volcano, and dive between continents in Lake Pingvallavatn. Your itinerary is sure to be full to bursting with fantastic once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Lake Bled

Bled is Slovenia’s most picture-perfect, postcard-worthy, place to visit. If it’s not the emerald green lake that takes your breath away, it will be the medieval castle that just holds on to the edge of a rocky cliff. This destination has great activities for thrill seekers - there is cliff diving, white river rafting, stand-up paddle boarding, paragliding and so much more. You can even take a helicopter ride to see the spectacular views from the air. For the less adventurous, there are plenty of hiking trails, biking routes, and sightseeing tours to keep you busy. No one will be bored at this picturesque destination, and everyone will have some amazing memories to take home, as well as enough pictures to keep their Instagram accounts busy for months to come!


Paris is known as the city of love, and there is a very good reason for this. Standing outside the Eiffel Tower under the stars, just as it begins to sparkle, is one of the most magical moments you will ever experience on your travels. There is nothing quite like walking through the Paris streets at night and experiencing the amazing buzz of culture the city has to offer. For Disney fans, Paris holds the famous Notre Dame - minus the hunchback - and for music lovers, you can stand on the airy grates outside The Moulin Rouge and have your own Marilyn Monroe moment. There are also the breathtaking Sacre Coeur and the Champs-de-Elysees for the ultimate luxury shopping experience.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are top destinations that are close to a lot of travel lovers' hearts. If you are struggling to decide on where to jet off to next, going to one of these three destinations will ensure you have a fantastic time with zero regrets about the experience.

Have you visited any of these destinations? Let me know in the comments below!

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