Friday 8 December 2017

Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 4 January 2022


AD* | Whether you love gift wrapping or hate it with a passion, it's undeniably a big part of the gift-giving process. Of course, wrapping presents takes time, particularly at Christmas when there's a mountain of gifts waiting to be wrapped, but putting the extra time, thought and energy into your gift wrapping can work wonders when it comes to showing that special someone just how much you care.

Understandably, however, some of us are better at wrapping presents than others. Whether you're a natural-born wrapping expert or a last-minute "it'll do" job, gift wrapping is just another part of life at Christmas.

So, if your wrapping skills aren't quite up to scratch, read on for some of my best gift-wrapping tips and tricks just in time for the festive season!

Keep Everything to Hand

How often have you been midway through the wrapping process only to find you've run out of sellotape or lost the scissors? Make sure you have everything you need to hand and clear the area to create your own little gift-wrapping station. Stick on a Christmas playlist, make yourself a hot drink and get busy!

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Make it Personal

Fed up with using the same boring, generic wrapping paper on each and every gift you wrap? The chances are, your recipients will be too. Mix things up a little by adding an extra personalised touch! I've already spoken about the benefits of individuality in both special cards and unique gifts this Christmas, so why not take the trend one step further with personalised gift wrap, too?

This gorgeous gift wrap from Pretty Gifted is perfect as it's fully customisable! I went for shiny gold lettering on a red background, but there are lots of options to choose from. Plus, you can customise the text too - even better!

If you're still looking for inspiration, why not check out these top gift-wrapping ideas with brown paper?


Labelling and Gift Tags

Putting labels on your gifts may seem like an unnecessary effort, but if you don't, your presents are highly likely to get mixed up and, worst-case scenario, end up going to the wrong person. Aesthetics are all-important for present wrapping, and that applies to the tags, too!

If you don't have the budget for fancy gift tags, why not make some yourself? Use coloured paper on card backing or cut up old Christmas cards for festive scenes, decorate with glitter and sequins and there you have it! 

If All Else Fails...

Despite your best intentions, sometimes things just don't go to plan. Whether you're running out of time or simply making a hash of your wrapping, if all else fails, there's always the trusty gift bag to fall back on! Simply pick your favourite, pop in the gift (and some tissue paper, confetti or sequins if you want to jazz it up a bit) and sellotape the top shut. Voila!

* I received a sheet of personalised wrapping paper in exchange for inclusion in this post 

Do you have any gift-wrapping tips? Share them in the comments below!

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