Saturday 7 October 2017

One Week in Wales: Day Two

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If you haven't read day one's adventures, start at the beginning first!

After the long drive into Wales the previous day, it was no real surprise that we slept well. Plus the room was amazing, which really helped!

Our only mishap of the morning was to forget to close the skylight we'd opened to cool the room down the night before, as it had apparently rained during the night and subsequently soaked the carpet, an armchair, and a pair of my trousers that had been sitting on the chair underneath. Oops. Unbeknownst to us at that point, this incident would soon prove to be only the beginning of our watery woes over the next 24 hours...

We set off bright and early to a rather grey start, worlds apart from the glorious weather we'd enjoyed the previous day. Apparently, Welsh weather is just as unpredictable as English weather!

Our day's drive took us along the coast road, more or less following the shape of the coastline down to night two's stop. However, as the drive was uneventful and the weather was beginning to brighten up, we decided to make a stop about midway and make the most of the local scenery.

We had intended to do a walk along the coast, but due to my fatigue (in my excitement, I'd overdone things a little the day before) we settled on just exploring the area a little instead. I picked a place on the map because the name sounded strangely familiar - turns out I'd visited with my family previously - we conferred and decided to give it a go.

Heading down the tiny, narrow hairpin tracks to Llangrannog was more than a little nerve-wracking, even as the passenger, but thankfully, we managed to make it in one piece! Llangrannog is a small town right on the coast, which largely seemed to consist of seasonal holiday rental cottages and a small but packed-out beach.

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By the time we arrived, the earlier greyness had completely worn away and temperatures were soaring. Coats were off, sunglasses were on, and we decided to head up the cliff to get some better views of the coast. Admittedly, we didn't manage to get very far in the end before I had to stop - this was one of my worst days when dealing with the illness, and it really showed. I hit my physical limits a few times on that trip, and this was one of them.

After stopping for lunch and basking in the sunshine on the clifftop, I somehow managed to fall asleep and sunburn my arms and neck - even now in October, I still have the tan from when that burn faded. Deciding that some shade and a nice cold drink were in order, we made our way back down to the town and slaked our thirst in the beach-front cafe before heading back to the car to continue our journey.

Following another short trip along the coast road, we arrived at our destination for the night. Morawelon campsite is a scenic campsite located right on the coast with beautiful views across the bay. The temperatures were still high and we were really feeling the heat by this point, so once we arrived, we (by which I mean, he) assembled the tent and we just collapsed in the shade of the car for an hour or so.

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Evening brought some cooler air, so we decided to head into the village to locate somewhere to eat. After trudging up the hill, our one and only option was the village pub - just as well they were serving food! I enjoyed a curry followed by some refreshing sorbet; a delicious meal we both enjoyed.

After dinner, neither of us wanted to just hang around the campsite, so we decided to walk along the coast path a little way as it was such a lovely evening. The air was cooler and the water still - a truly peaceful, relaxing evening. We found a small, secluded pebble beach, hidden away from view, and spent the rest of our evening enjoying the atmosphere and each other's company as evening gradually gave way to nightfall.

Day three is a day of drama - keep checking back to find out why!

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