Thursday 19 October 2017

Introducing Daydreaming Designs

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AD* | As a massive bookworm, I'm also a big lover of pretty much anything book-related. From bookmarks and bags to decorations and artwork, bookish swag adorns my home, making it a real haven of peace, relaxation, and, of course, plenty of books!

So when I heard about an exciting new start-up venture featuring book-themed swag, my interest was definitely piqued - I just had to take a look!

Daydreaming Designs is a brand new business just starting out and currently in the early days of production. I've worked with the owner, Faye, on a number of blog tours and other bookish TWG content, and as always, it's nice to support the people who have previously supported you.

Having said that, I'm honest about the content I post here on The Writing Greyhound and would never agree to host a review or feature a product which I wasn't genuinely interested in or passionate about. For that reason, I'm pleased to say that I absolutely love Daydreaming Designs' first product - a gorgeous printed tote bag.

book, tote-bag, daydreaming-designs

Let's talk about the slogan. If you're as big a bookworm as me, then you're pretty much guaranteed to have experienced the same thing. I've lost track of the number of times I've said that exact phrase, whether it's in a bookshop, looking at adverts, reading other fabulous book blogs or simply just in conversation with friends or family.

But while I'm sure we can all agree that the bag is great, it's time to talk specifics.

As Daydreaming Designs is still in the very early stages of getting off the ground, generating interest and spreading the word, there is a minimum order target of 50 bags necessary before any are printed. Put simply, if the target isn't met, then no bags will be printed, full stop.

While this may seem a little harsh, it's worth remembering that the costs associated with design, production and shipping aren't cheap. If only a few were sold, for example, it really wouldn't be worth going to all the effort and expense. 

The last date for orders of the 'Have it, haven't read it yet' tote bag is 29th October 2017. After this date, if the minimum target has been met, all orders will be processed and a new product and design will be released. If the target isn't met, all existing orders will be fully refunded and no products will be created. 

* This is a collaborative post

What do you think? Will you be buying one of the bags? Let me know in the comments below!

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