Monday 15 August 2022

Book Review: A Taste of Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot

A Taste of Greek Summer by Mandy Baggot book cover

AD | Lydia Broom is living her second-best life. With her dreams of being a chef left in the dust, she instead finds solace writing about the dishes she wished she created. When Lydia's sent to Corfu on an assignment, she's excited to see what culinary delights the island has to offer, but nothing seems to tickle her fancy - until she tastes the creations of local cook, Thanos Nicolaidis.

After one sizzling afternoon in the kitchen together, Lydia and Thanos both allow themselves to dream of the futures they desperately want. And as they grow closer, sharing secret ingredients and family recipes, Thanos begins to realise he has to show Lydia the parts of him he's done so well to hide...

A Taste of Greek Summer is the perfect summer holiday read! It's light-hearted, quick to read, and full of fun.

The main character Lydia heads out for an idyllic Corfu getaway with her best friend Caroline - all expenses paid by the luxury magazine that they write for. The trip quickly turns into a soul-searching break, with the two friends forced to address buried truths and secrets from the past.

Of course, though, there's also a sizzling romance between Lydia and Greek chef Thanos. The pair have instant chemistry right from the first time they set eyes on each other, but will their circumstances allow them to realise their feelings?

The book is firmly anchored in its location, with the girls exploring many incredible destinations and activities across the island. Also featured is classic Greek living in the form of Thanos' community, adding a beautifully traditional element to the setting.

As both Lydia and Thanos are chefs, there are plenty of descriptions of mouthwatering dishes. Whether you fancy a classic Greek meal or an innovative twist on a dish, I strongly recommend you don't read this book on an empty stomach!

Although I enjoyed the book, I did feel that the dialogue let the story down. It felt a bit stilted and unnatural at times, which was a real shame because the characters, the location, and the premise were all outstanding.

Overall though, A Taste of Greek Summer is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating: 3 stars

A Taste of Greek Summer is available to buy now.

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