Friday 30 July 2021

Book Review: Surprise Heir for the Princess by Kate Hardy

Surprise Heir for the Princess cover

AD* | A secret royal escape. An unexpected consequence!

Princess Vittoria yearns to escape the pressures of her royal life. So when she’s reunited with enigmatic photographer Liam MacCarthy at a party, she agrees to a secret beachside getaway. Vittoria knows she can never have a future with Liam, but under the stars, she gives in to their undeniable chemistry for one perfect night… Until Vittoria returns home to discover she’ll have more than memories to remember Liam by!

Romance, royals, and sizzling chemistry? This book has it all and more.

It's a short and sweet read centred around the attraction between main characters Liam and Vittoria. She's a princess; he's her photographer. It shouldn't work out between them, but you just can't help rooting for their happily ever after!

Their romance is intense and swiftly goes beyond mere longing glances and the occasional brush of a hand. With such a charged atmosphere between them, of course, it doesn't take long for the pair to end up in bed together. Soon, it's much more than just their hearts on the line and they must both soon make some important choices that will determine their future.

Surprise Heir for the Princess is set in three locations. First is Liam's home, second is Vittoria's home, the Royal Palace in Italy, and third is their bolthole cottage getaway in the Norfolk countryside. I loved the attention to detail with the locations as that really helped to set the scene and anchor the story in reality. The North Norfolk coast is one of my favourite places, and it was all too easy to picture Liam and Vittoria strolling along the beach or relaxing with their fish and chips!

Although only a short read, this book feels well-paced and packs plenty of romance into its pages. It's definitely a page-turner as you just can't wait to see if they get their happy ending!

Rating: 3 stars

Surprise Heir for the Princess is available to buy now. 

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