Saturday 31 August 2019

Reading Round-Up: July/August 2019

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Things are going well on the reading front for me this year and I'm cautiously hoping that I'm going to be able to meet my Goodreads reading challenge by the end of the year! I'm definitely over halfway to 50 books now, so fingers crossed!

If you missed my last Reading Round-Up post, you can catch up with that here.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Book Review: Holy Island by L.J. Ross

Last Updated: 18 September 2021

Holy Island by L.J. Ross book cover

Detective Chief Inspector Ryan retreats to Holy Island seeking sanctuary when he is forced to take sabbatical leave from his duties as a homicide detective. A few days before Christmas, his peace is shattered and he is thrust back into the murky world of murder when a young woman is found dead amongst the ancient ruins of the nearby Priory.

When former local girl Dr Anna Taylor arrives back on the island as a police consultant, old memories swim to the surface making her confront her difficult past. She and Ryan struggle to work together to hunt a killer who hides in plain sight, while pagan ritual and small-town politics muddy the waters of their investigation.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Book Review: The Promise by Teresa Driscoll

Last Updated: 18 September 2021

The Promise by Teresa Driscoll book cover

It was their darkest secret. Three schoolgirls made a promise – to take the horrible truth of what they did to the grave.

Thirty years later, Beth and Sally have tried to put the trauma behind them. Though Carol has distanced herself from her former friends, the three are adamant that the truth must never come to light, even if the memory still haunts them.

But when some shocking news threatens to unearth their dark secret, Beth enlists the help of private investigator Matthew Hill to help her and Sally reconnect with estranged Carol ­– before the terrible act they committed as teenagers is revealed.

Beth wishes she could take back the vow they made.

But somebody is watching and will stop at nothing to ensure the secret stays buried. Now, with her beloved family in peril, can Beth still keep the promise?

Monday 19 August 2019

4 Ingredients for Great Writing

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AD* | If you’ve ever sat down to write, then you’ll know that it can be pretty difficult to do. You might have the ideas and even some of the words that you want to commit to paper, but that won’t make it straightforward. And that’s possibly because there are few things as scary as a blank page, and the knowledge that you want to fill it. While there are no magic bullets that’ll give you five hundred words of pure gold, there are some things that you can do to start moving in the right direction. Below are a few ingredients you’ll want to throw into the mix.

Sunday 18 August 2019

What to Do When You Never Know Where to Eat!

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AD* | Are you one of those indecisive people who can never decide where to eat? Do you forever find yourself torn between sticking to what you know and branching out to try something new? If yes, don't worry - I'm exactly the same! I've put together a handy guide to help you end the indecision once and for all!

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Blog Tour Book Review: A Knife in the Fog by Bradley Harper

Last Updated: 18 September 2021

A Knife in the Fog by Bradley Harper book blog tour graphic

AD* | Physician Arthur Conan Doyle takes a break from his practice to assist London police in tracking down Jack the Ripper.

September 1888. A twenty-nine-year-old Arthur Conan Doyle practices medicine by day and writes at night. His first Sherlock Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet, although gaining critical and popular success, has only netted him twenty-five pounds. Embittered by the experience, he vows never to write another "crime story." Then a messenger arrives with a mysterious summons from former Prime Minister William Gladstone, asking him to come to London immediately.

Once there, he is offered one month's employment to assist the Metropolitan Police as a "consultant" in their hunt for the serial killer soon to be known as Jack the Ripper. Doyle agrees on the stipulation his old professor of surgery, Professor Joseph Bell--Doyle's inspiration for Sherlock Holmes--agrees to work with him. Bell agrees, and soon the two are joined by Miss Margaret Harkness, an author residing in the East End who knows how to use a Derringer and serves as their guide and companion.

Pursuing leads through the dank alleys and courtyards of Whitechapel, they come upon the body of a savagely murdered fifth victim. Soon it becomes clear that the hunters have become the hunted when a knife-wielding figure approaches.

Monday 12 August 2019

5 of the Best Places to Eat in Chinatown, London

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Whether you're a seasoned visitor to the capital or a first-time tourist, London's Chinatown is always a great area to visit. Whenever I'm in the city, I usually find myself in Chinatown - often for a walk through to Leicester Square, Foyles, or the Theatre District, but increasingly, to stop off and sample some of the area's delicious food and drink. 

Chinatown and the surrounding streets are packed full of restaurants, cafes, and pop-ups offering everything from traditional cuisine to trendy new treats, so I've compiled a list featuring five of my favourites for you to try next time you're in the city!

Wednesday 7 August 2019

What Makes a Wedding Reception Memorable?

AD* | Every couple wants their wedding reception to be one that’s remembered for all the right reasons. But that’s easier said than done; how do you make sure that people have a great time and that this evening of partying and fun lives long in the memory? Well, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. It’s mostly about getting the important things right, so read on to find out more about how to make sure your wedding reception is a resounding success!

Book Review: Where Did Your Heart Go? by Audrina Lane

Last Updated: 18 September 2021

Where Did Your Heart Go by Audrina Lane book cover

Stephanie never truly let go of her first love James in 1988. When the relationship ended she kept her diaries, letters and memories safe in the attic and her heart locked away from any future heartbreak. Now her daughter Charlotte is experiencing the same relationship break up that she did. Handing her daughter the diaries she hopes to save her from the bleakness she felt at the loss of first love. The diaries inspire Charlotte to strive for true love as she realises that finding the right man is worth the wait.

Can Charlotte heal two broken hearts at the same time through a strange twist of fate, destiny, music and dance?

Linking the lives of a mother and daughter together you can join them on their journey of discovery through the highs and lows of first love. Will Stephanie finally face the future after the scars from the past, and find out why James left her? Charlotte starts to discover that dancing with Mitchell will be the time of her life. Does anyone ever forget their first love and can you go back?

Monday 5 August 2019

Why It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Last Updated: 03 September 2020

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Although I try very hard to focus on only the positives in life here on The Writing Greyhound, sometimes, I think it’s important to remember one very important lesson – it’s okay not to be okay.

On social media, it can be all too easy to see things through a rose-tinted lens. Most people will only post updates, photos, and news about the very best parts of their lives, sifting through the more mundane parts of daily life in order to cherry-pick the cream of the crop. This creates a disconnect between life in reality and a life as displayed by social media, and as a result, it’s easy to see why social media causes problems for many people.

However, as we all know, real life is not like social media. Real life has more than its fair share of ups and downs, good days and bad days, the highest highs and the lowest lows. Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and do you know what? That’s okay.