Thursday 30 June 2016

Reading Round-Up: May/June 2016

The Writing Greyhound book stack

It's scary to think that we're now halfway through the year already, but that also means it's time for the May/June reading round-up! If you missed the March/April post, you can find that here.

#Blogival - Book Review: Tim Connor Hits Trouble by Frank Lankaster

Last Updated: 01 May 2024

Clink Street Publishing Blogival

AD* | Tim Connor Hits Trouble defies conventional genres. It is funny, occasionally violent, intelligent, controversial and full of sexual twists and turns.

We meet Tim Connor just as his marriage hits the rocks and as he is about to 'escape' to a new job in the Social Science Department at Wash University. Far from finding tranquillity, Tim 'hits trouble' in Wash both personally and at work. Now on the loose, he has several interesting and 'unusual' encounters with women. At work, Tim finds himself drawn into a conflict between an old rebel academic, Henry Jones, and the ambitious Head of Faculty, Howard Swankie, that culminates in a tense and dramatic climax. 

Within the novel's lively narrative, characters argue, sometimes angrily, over the direction of contemporary higher education - making this a relevant as well as a gripping and highly enjoyable novel.

Monday 27 June 2016

Cover Reveal: Red Lights, Black Hearts by Fabiola Francisco

Today I'm super excited to reveal the amazing cover for author Fabiola Francisco's latest book, Red Lights, Black Hearts.

Friday 24 June 2016

#Blogival - Extract: A Father's Betrayal by Gabriella Gillespie

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Continuing with the Clink Street #Blogival, today, I have an exclusive extract from A Father's Betrayal by Gabriella Gillespie to share with you.

Thursday 23 June 2016

The Extra Smile Back Project

AD* | What makes children smile?

New research has found that the thing most likely to make a child smile is a bedtime story. The survey (commissioned by Wrigley's Extra) found that it's the simple things in life that really make children happy, with the top 3 results being 'pulling silly faces', 'reading stories', and 'playing hide-and-seek'.

Wrigley's Extra commissioned the survey to coincide with the launch of their Extra Smile Back Project. The project aims to protect children's smiles by donating money to children's charity Action for Children from every packet of sugar-free gum sold during the promotional period. They plan to use the money to run workshops alongside the Oral Health Foundation, aiming to protect the smiles of over 10,000 children across the UK.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Book Review: Tiger Days and the Secret Cat by Sarah Lean

Last Updated: 01 May 2024

Tiger Days and the Secret Cat by Sarah Lean book cover

AD* | Meet animal lover, Tiger Days! A brand-new young fiction series about animals, friendship and adventure by bestselling author Sarah Lean. Beautiful black-and-white illustrations throughout.

When nine-year-old Tiger Days stays with her grandmother at Willowgate House she never knows what might happen… new friends to meet, animals to rescue and problems to solve!

Tiger’s grandmother looks after animals in need and on her first visit, Tiger quickly learns how to feed a baby warthog and keep it safe. Tiger already has her hands full, but then a mysterious sound leads her to another little animal…

At Willowgate House, no day is ever dull for Tiger!

Saturday 18 June 2016

Book Review: Dotty Detective by Clara Vulliamy

Last Updated: 21 June 2021

Dotty Detective by Clara Vulliamy book cover

AD* | Meet Dorothy Constance Mae Louise, or Dot as she prefers to be called! Dot loves super-sour apple sherberts, running fast and puzzles - especially if they're fiendishly tricky. And with the help of trusty sidekick, Beans and TOP DOG, McClusky, she is always ready to sniff out a mystery. So when mean girl Laura seems set on sabotaging the school talent show, Dot is determined to find out how and save the day...

Thursday 16 June 2016

Book Review: Rent a Bridesmaid by Jacqueline Wilson

Last Updated: 8 June 2021

Rent a Bridesmaid by Jacqueline Wilson book cover

AD* | Tilly can’t believe it when her best friend Matty is asked to be a bridesmaid. In Tilly’s favourite daydream, she’s kitted out in the most beautiful bridesmaid dress, walking down the aisle behind a beautiful bride. The one wedding she’d really like to attend is her own mum and dad’s. But as that’s never going to happen, it’s time for Tilly to make her own dream come true – and put her bridesmaid services up for hire...

A fabulous, funny and moving story about the power of friendship from the mega-bestselling author of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and Katy. Full of beautiful illustrations by much-loved illustrator, Nick Sharratt.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Book Review: Katy by Jacqueline Wilson

Last Updated: 8 June 2021

Katy by Jacqueline Wilson book cover

AD* | Katy Carr is a lively, daredevil oldest sister in a big family. She loves messing around outdoors, climbing on the garage roof, or up a tree, cycling, skateboarding, swinging... But her life changes in dramatic and unexpected ways after a serious accident.

Inspired by the classic novel, What Katy Did, Jacqueline Wilson creates an irresistible twenty-first-century heroine. 

Friday 10 June 2016

#Blogival - Book Review: We Never Let Go by Tracy Peppiatt

Last Updated: 8 June 2021

Clink Street Publishing Blogival

AD* | It is said that a picture paints a thousand words but unless those words are revealed the viewer has to make their own interpretation. A family photograph like thousands of others may give a clue to the location and time through clothing and scenery, but what is not apparent is the thoughts, aspirations, and life of those portrayed. This is a story of a working class family, whose voyage through the rapidly changing society of the 60s and 70s, was probably like many others.

But the difference with this story is that despite the often genuinely desperate situations that they found themselves, they persevered throughout with love and mutual dependence but primarily because there was little choice. The bond that holds us all together through all of life's twists and turns and ultimately determines how we turn out in later life is the underlying story that is revealed. However, as we are the product of our response to our experiences through life, we ultimately never let go.

Saturday 4 June 2016

Book Review: Happily by Sophie Tanner

Last Updated: 2 January 2023

Happily by Sophie Tanner book cover

AD* | How far will you go for your Happily Ever After?

Chloe Usher’s had enough of being asked why she's still single; people can’t seem to understand why she’s not freaking out about the slippery slope to spinsterhood. But, as far as Chloe’s concerned, life is sweet; she’s happy, she loves her job, her friends and her flatshare next to Brighton beach. One summer evening, after being told that she will never know what love is until she has children, she decides to say ‘actually, I do!’ and announces to her friends that she’s going to marry herself. 

She’s not quite prepared for the huge reaction to her news on social media and finds herself thrust firmly into the public eye; suddenly she’s a spokesperson for every crazy cat lady out there. With the warm support of her colourful extended family, Chloe attempts to justify her self wedding and the events that unfold take her on a bumpy journey of self-discovery - making exciting new connections and settling old ghosts.

This is a cheeky, original and light-heartedly subversive tale that challenges the notion of ‘settling down’.

Friday 3 June 2016

#Blogival: Why it's Important to Tell the Story of the Battle of Narvik

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Today I'm delighted to welcome author Ron Cope to TWG as my first offering for the Clink Street Publishing Summer Blogival.

Ron Cope is the author of Attack at Dawn, a fascinating novel about the First Battle of Narvik in World War Two, released to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle. Attack at Dawn focuses on the bravery of the young naval officers, including Ron's own father, who were behind this dramatic military campaign, telling their story through first-hand real-life experiences.