Monday 28 June 2021

Book Review: Family First by Tony Millington

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AD* | A man is shot dead in a pub car park. Detective's Monteith and Watson are sent to investigate. Within days, several more men are murdered and it quickly becomes clear that a serial killer is targeting ex-prisoners. But without a motive how do you find the person responsible?

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Happy Monday! I'm thrilled to be kicking off the blog tour for Family First by Tony Millington. 

Intense and fast-paced, Family First is a story about right and wrong, and how far you'd go to seek revenge.

The two detectives, Monteith and Watson, are partners at work and best friends outside of work. They work well as a team and are dedicated to solving crimes and catching criminals. When a body turns up under suspicious circumstances, it isn't long before Monteith and Watson are heading up the murder investigation. However, soon, things start to escalate and events spiral out of control. With the body count piling up and a potential serial killer on the loose - not to mention problems mounting outside the workplace - all of the detectives' skills are put to the test. 

There are plenty of twists and turns in this book, with a few shocks and surprises thrown in along the way. The story is told through multiple narratives from different characters, leaving the reader to piece together the story and the case. However, my advice is to expect the unexpected! There are lots of revelations and a few red herrings to keep you guessing right to the very end. 

This is a relatively short book but a lot is packed into its pages. It did feel a little rushed at times, and personally, I would have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Monteith and Watson in a little more detail. This would also have provided the opportunity for more suspense to be built around the plot. That being said, it's a short and snappy read - ideal for devouring over a weekend. 

Family First is an engaging, gritty read ideal for crime fiction fans. 

Rating: 3 stars

Family First is available to buy now.

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