Wednesday 28 April 2021

Book Review: And Then She Ran by Karen Clarke

And Then She Ran by Karen Clarke book cover

AD* | How far would you go to keep your baby safe?

The fist flew past Grace’s face and smashed into the wall behind her, flicking a switch in her head. Grace bundled her eight-week-old daughter into her carrycot, opened the door and ran.

Her life in New York faded into the background – she needed to keep her baby safe. She needed to get as far away from Patrick as possible.

Now, staying in a remote cottage in Wales, Grace is trying to start again. But she can’t shake the uneasy feeling that she’s been followed.

And then she finds a note. Left on her bed. A tiny scrap of paper with scrawl in bright red pen.

Keep her close. Anything could happen.

She’s been found. Patrick wants his baby back.

But Grace will do everything to stop him.

And Then She Ran is a tense, high-stakes psychological thriller novel.

The story focuses on Grace, a new mother on the run from her baby's father. Grace is forced to flee her home, leaving behind her friends, her job, and all reminders of her old life. Caring solely about protecting Lily, her baby, it isn't long before Grace finds out that you can't outrun everything.

This book is engaging and interesting, well-paced throughout. The full picture behind Grace's sudden flight gets slowly revealed during the story but there are plenty of twists and turns too. This makes for an unpredictable, heart-in-your-mouth story.

Grace and her aunt Morag make an unlikely pair, yet their relationship is charming to read about. Grace is used to a fast-paced lifestyle in a big city, whereas Morag has chosen a solitary, self-sufficient life in rural Wales. Despite their initial differences, though, it soon becomes clear that Grace and Morag are drawn together by more than just their family ties. This book is about bringing people together and strengthening bonds, as much as it is about fleeing to start anew. 

This is a thriller novel but there are multiple themes running through the book. From mystery to romance, there's a little bit of everything in this story. It's enjoyable, easy-to-read, and definitely picks up the pace towards the end for a thrilling conclusion. 

Although the premise is intriguing, certain elements of the story feel a little far-fetched and unrealistic for my liking. While it does succeed in creating a sense of danger, some of the events don't seem very true to life. 

Despite this, And Then She Ran is a great page-turner with a unique premise. 

Rating: 3 stars

And Then She Ran is available to buy now. 

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