Thursday 10 December 2020

Book Review: The Open House by Sam Carrington

The Open House by Sam Carrington book cover

AD* | Everyone’s welcome. But not everyone leaves...

Nick and Amber Miller are splitting up and selling their Devon family home. But despite the desirable location, the house isn’t moving. Not a single viewing so far.

When their estate agent suggests an open house event, Amber agrees, even as she worries about their gossiping neighbours attending and snooping around their home.

But Amber has more to worry about than nosy neighbours. Because thirteen people enter her house that afternoon, and only twelve leave.

Someone doesn't want the house to sell, and is willing to do anything to stop it...

Gripping and tense, this is a book that will grab your attention and keep you guessing right from the very start.

The Open House is a suspenseful psychological thriller, told from multiple perspectives and filled with slow-burning tension. The story primarily focuses on Amber - a mother of two in the process of splitting from her husband Nick and trying to sell the family home. Focusing on the promise of a fresh start in Kent with her new boyfriend Richard, Amber can't wait to get the wheels in motion - yet it seems nobody wants to buy the house. 

As Amber digs deeper and difficult questions start to arise, it isn't long before unexplained events and strange coincidences start to occur. Stressed and under strain, Amber questions her sanity - but it isn't long before the concern starts for real. 

Packed with twists and turns, The Open House will keep you turning page after page to find out what will happen next. It's unexpected yet totally gripping, and full of expertly-placed red herrings. The pace gradually picks up throughout the book, until the very end when all the loose threads start to tangle together. 

The ending is completely unpredictable and shocking - keeping up with the twists right to the very end. However, some of Amber's decisions towards the end did feel out of character compared to the rest of the story. This was a little jarring and sadly put a dampener on what was otherwise a highly compelling read.

The Open House is an immersive psychological thriller bound to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Rating: 3 stars 

The Open House is available to buy now.

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