Saturday 29 February 2020

Reading Round-Up: January/February 2020

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Can you believe that we're two months into 2020 already? It seems like we were welcoming in the new decade just yesterday, yet January and February have disappeared and we're now well into the New Year. 

As always, the end of February means that it's time for my first Reading Round-Up post of the year. Keep reading to find out all the books I've been reading, acquiring and wishing for at the start of 2020!

If you missed my last Reading Round-Up post, you can catch up on that here

What is Reading Round-Up?

Reading Round-Up is a simple way for me to keep track of everything book-related and a fun way to show you what I've been reading over the last few months!

Out are the books I've read in January and February.

In are the books I've acquired during that time.

And wishlist are the books I've found out about and want to buy but have yet to manage to get my hands on!


  • She Has A Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be by J.D. Barker
  • Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks
  • Haven't They Grown by Sophie Hannah
  • The Good Hawk by Joseph Elliott
  • Mermaid Moon by Susann Cokal
  • Bygone Northamptonshire by William Andrews 
  • Northamptonshire by M.W. Brown
  • The King's England: Northamptonshire by Arthur Mee
  • Wanderers in Northamptonshire by John and Vera Worledge
  • Wanderers in Northamptonshire: The Second Journey by John and Vera Worledge 
  • Old Kettering and its Defenders by Tony Ireson
  • Old Kettering: A View from the 1930s (#1-6) by Tony Ireson 
  • Northamptonshire Murders by Paul Harrison
  • Wildlife in Northamptonshire by Northants Wildlife Trust
  • The Buildings of England: Northamptonshire by Nikolaus Pevsner 
  • Wetton's Guide to Northampton and its Vicinity 
  • Wollaston Remembered by Ernie Bryan 
  • Northamptonshire by Tony Ireson 
  • Northamptonshire: A Century in Photographs 
  • A Kettering Kaleidoscope by Ian Addis and Barrie Chambers 
  • A Walk for Romania by Lindsay Williamson 
  • Northamptonshire Place Names by Charles Whynne-Hammond 
  • A Tale of Two Villages by Jack Wagstaff 
  • Gothick Northamptonshire by Jack Gould 
  • Northamptonshire Stories by Marian Pipe
  • England is a Village by C. Henry Warren 
  • Haunted Northamptonshire Ghost Stories
  • Did You Know? Kettering: A Miscellany 
  • Northamptonshire: A Guide to the Countryside 
  • Northamptonshire Murder Tales by Eric Jenkins 
  • Secrets and Treasures of Northamptonshire by Mia Butler 
  • Northamptonshire Ghosts and Legends by Marian Pipe 
  • Northamptonshire Privies by Julie Wilson 
  • Northampton: A Guided Tour by Tony Noble
  • Exploring Northamptonshire by Tony Noble
  • Like Dew Before the Sun by Dorothy A. Grimes 
  • Victorian Northamptonshire: The Early Years by Eric Jenkins 
  • Northamptonshire: Within Living Memory 
  • The Northamptonshire Village Book
  • Green Shires by Lindsay Williamson 
  • The Secrets of Sunshine by Phaedra Patrick



  • Becoming by Michelle Obama

What have you been reading recently? Have you read a book I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!

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