Monday 21 January 2019

I'm Not Ashamed to Go Make-Up Free Every Day - Here's Why


First of all, I think it’s important to start this post by saying that I have no issue either with make-up or with those who choose to wear it. I think it can be a great way to express your personality, glam up for a special occasion or even just cover up the visible effects of a sleepless night! However, as you’ve probably gained from the title, it’s just not for me. 

In this post, I’m going to explain the reasons why!

I’m not ashamed of the way I look. And, after all, why should I be? Everyone is different and no-one is perfect (because “perfect” simply does not exist – we all see each other in different ways) so I firmly believe that no-one should be belittled for their natural appearance. Of course, some people are always going to look “better” than others when going make-up free, but a good chunk of that is to do with colour matching (poorly-blended foundation just doesn’t look good on anyone) and the skill of the particular individual or make-up artist.

We all have flaws and highlights, and sometimes, it feels good to just throw caution to the winds and forget that you’re supposed to care about what other people think. While there’s no shame at all to be had in wanting to look good, it can get dangerous – and, often, have a negative impact on your mental health – when this becomes more of a necessity than a desire. I know plenty of people who refuse to leave the house without make-up, and in all honesty, that just makes me feel incredibly sad. I believe that people should wear make-up if and when they want to, not because they feel they need it due to the pressures of society and their social circles. I recently read an article that I feel perfectly sums up a lot of my thoughts towards make-up and the cosmetics industry – you can find that post here.

I’ve never really been much of a make-up person – I’ve always had different interests and even growing up, I never went through a proper ‘girly’ phase. Yes, I care about how I look and I enjoy buying and wearing clothes that I like, but I will always place comfort and practicality over style and fashion trends. Make-up ties into that, for me. The very rare occasions that I do actually put on some make-up are always special occasions – weddings, parties, events like that. I’ve never really felt the desire to wear make-up as part of my day-to-day life. In all honesty, I’d rather keep the extra time in bed in the morning instead!


What are your thoughts on make-up? Let me know in the comments below!

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