Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Writing Greyhound Interviews the Three Hour Dad

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Intrigued by the title of this post? You aren't the only one, as I too was interested to hear more about the self-titled '3 Hour Dad' when he approached the blog. Adam is one man with an incredible story to tell, so without further ado, let's jump straight into the interview!

First things first - please could you introduce yourself?
My name is Adam, I am 32, live in the UK and I am a 3 hour Dad.
Tell me about the book.
My book 3 Hour Dad reflects the night that my life changed and forced me to grow up. My girlfriend was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis and after a quick diagnosis was admitted to the labour ward as she was 6cm dilated!!! My book is told from my POV and how the night and next days unfolded following a call from my Mother-in-Law summoning me to the hospital!
How did you cope with suddenly becoming a dad?
I was the biggest and most confused, shocked and scared person in a matter of 3 hours. I couldn’t eat for days and genuinely don’t think that I would have got through the first few days without my wonderful family and friends.
What drew you to write about your experience?
I finally came to realise that I had been in permanent shock for 3 years! One day I snapped out of it and realised that I was a Dad, had a beautiful daughter and that my story was too good not to be told and shared with the world.
Why do you think it’s important for dads to share their stories?
I personally felt that despite the mental impact for both of us, the main focus was around the Mother only. The Dad is equally as mentally impacted - in some cases more so – I have had to change jobs, I have had to use my life savings so we could move house and rely on one salary to support the household.
What was your writing process?
I literally just started writing! All these emotions and untold stories were just bubbling around in my head and so just poured out of me onto paper with ease. If anything, it felt really therapeutic to relive the “night” and explore the eerie and fate like miracles that seemed to follow me.
What was the hardest thing about writing the book?
Trying to keep it short and light-hearted with a view of encouraging infrequent readers to pick it up/download it. The book and sales are all linked to a greater project as I use sale money to support a random act of kindness campaign and donate the remainder £1 to a UK charity which supports families.
What do you hope readers will take away from the book?
I would hope that they would put the book down believing in the goodness in the world. I want the readers to laugh, cry and laugh again and enjoy reading how fate really did come for me! By buying the book, readers are automatically giving back and so I people feel good from their contribution and check out my website and YouTube channel so they can see me do random acts of kindness and how it makes someone’s day.
Do you have any tips for aspiring memoirists?
Really emotionalise with the material. I wanted to write my book as though I am speaking to you and you can hear me. Those that have read it and do know me have commented that they can indeed hear me and imagine me crumbling as they come on the journey with me!
Do you have any plans to write more in the future?
I have been asked by a publisher to expand on the manuscript and increase it in length. I did start doing this but at the same time, I am happy with the book as it is. We might consider looking at the Mum’s perspective and pen together the 4 Hour Mum!!
What are your ambitions for the book?
To raise as much money for the random act of kindness project and for the UK charity Kidscape. I want the book to continue receiving lovely feedback and have a newspaper or major website to review my book.
3 Hour Dad is available to buy now.

What do you think to Adam's story? Let me know in the comments below!

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