Thursday 4 January 2018

Poetry Block: Love and Other Inconveniences by Rhea Arielle

What better way to kick off the first week of the New Year than with a spot of poetry?

Since my exclusive Poetry Block feature seems to be so popular, regular readers of The Writing Greyhound should be pleased to hear that I've decided to extend the series into 2018. If you're a fan of poetry and are on the hunt for exciting, up-and-coming poets, don't forget to keep checking back to discover fresh talent throughout the coming year!

In the first edition that January has to offer, poet Rhea Arielle stops by the blog for a chat about poetry, her latest anthology Love and Other Inconveniences, and to share an exclusive poem, which you can find below!


If you have breath, then you can wake,

If you can wake, then you have another day,

That you have another day, means you can feel the sun,

If you can feel the sun, then you can walk in it,

If you can walk, then you can dance,

If you can dance, then you can hear the music,

If you can hear the music, then you can feel the beat in your chest,

If you can feel, then you can love,

That you can love, means you belong here,

That you are here, means you can breathe,

If you have breath, then you can take life in,

And you have everything you need

to begin again.


About Love and Other Inconveniences

love-and-other-inconveniences, rhea-arielle, poetry, book

Love and Other Inconveniences is an emotive journey through the stages and waves of love, heartache and self-discovery using short poetry to make sense of it all. The words written here are unfiltered thoughts from the heart, on themes that all vulnerable beings have experienced in their own way and timing.

Love and Other Inconveniences is available to buy now.

About Rhea Arielle

rhea-arielle, author, poet

Rhea Arielle was originally born in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She attended New York University where she majored in finance and currently lives in Maryland where she is pursuing her writing passion. She is a huge fan of the public library system and has a habit of borrowing far more books than she is able to read! She loves poems by Khalil Gibran, Mary Oliver and Pablo Neruda and also some newer, more modern poets like Anna Corniffe and Mark Anthony. If she is not writing, Rhea loves to dance. She is a Zumba instructor and enjoys social Latin dance, mainly salsa and bachata.

To discover more about Rhea, feel free to head on over to her Instagram page.

Are you a poet and would like to be featured in the next edition of Poetry Block? Get in touch if you are interested!

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