Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Social Conventions Debunked: The Stag Do

AD* | The stag do and the hen do - two of the main components of the wedding, and that's before the big day even arrives!

Stag dos have been around for many years, taking various forms according to different cultures and customs, traditions among friends or family members, and, of course, the groom's personal preferences. Put simply, the event is an excuse for good friends and close family members to get together, get drunk, and have a bit of fun before the seriousness of the wedding really kicks in.

Nowadays, with more and more couples meeting online, often through localised dating apps and websites from a Derbyshire dating site to a Dorset dating site, it is only natural that the phenomenon of the stag do will have changed accordingly.

According to Tradition

In the past, a man's stag do was a much more humble affair than the often overly lavish and extravagant occasions of today. It used to be a time for a group of close friends to take the groom-to-be for his last evening out with friends before getting hitched - a time for drinking and reminiscing, but also a time for celebration. Often, the stag night would take place on the evening before the wedding day; a great way to get the groom out of the house and away from getting under the bride's feet as she put the finishing touches to the big day!

But of course, as people's lifestyles and spending habits shifted over time, the stag do also began to change shape. Perhaps after realising that more and more grooms were saying their vows with a massive hangover, the stag do got changed to a couple of weeks (or longer) before the actual wedding. It also began to change into a longer occasion, a stag day or weekend, with many groups taking the opportunity to travel abroad or to the city and include various activities (apart from just drinking) into the agenda.

While all this may seem like great fun, it can also prove to be expensive. In today's society, many younger people struggle financially and have to save up for important life events like weddings, houses, or starting a family. As a result, this trend towards increasingly lavish stag dos can be a bit of a problem, especially for those on a strict budget.

An Enjoyable Occasion?

Of course, all this isn't to say that guys out on a stag do shouldn't be allowed to have fun. The stag do should be all about fun - celebrating family and friends and looking ahead to the groom's future as a married man. And as a result, you have to wonder whether the modern trend of stag dos is really about this. Is the simpler nature of the more traditional stag night a better way to go?

At the end of the day, it should really be about what works best for the groom and his chosen group of friends and family. Understandably, since no two people are the same, everyone will have different preferences, which is why it is great that there is now so much variety when it comes to organising a stag do.

Did the happy couple meet in a local bar or on a Tayside dating website? The real beauty of dating in the modern world comes from variety and choice - and today's men are lucky to have such a wide range of choices available for their stag do.

Are you searching for a recipe for the perfect stag do? Personality and individuality are undeniably the key here. With as much variety as a Suffolk dating site compared to a Sheffield dating site, the stag do is one social convention that looks firmly set to stay ensconced in the institution of marriage.

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What are your thoughts on stag dos? Do you have any funny stag do stories? Share them in the comments below!

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