Friday, 17 April 2015

Interview: Jet Pack

Fresh from a UK tour earlier this year with US pop-punk band Real Friends, and having recently signed to Hit and Run Records, 2015 is already proving to be a busy year for Brit rockers Jet Pack. The band is comprised of four members: Paul (guitar/vocals), Dennis (guitar/vocals), Rich (bass) and Sam (drums). As they prepare for the release of their latest EP titled And You’ve Had Your Six, the band took time out of their schedule for a chat with Kettle.

How did you first become interested in music?

Dennis: The thing that drew us all into music separately was probably pop-punk. I got into playing music through blink-182. They were the reason I decided to start playing drums when I was 14. I remember watching the opening bars of the First Date music video on Kerrang! – where Travis does that now legendary fill – and I remember thinking, “That looks awesome. I want to do that!”
How did Jet Pack come about?

Paul: Jet Pack started in mine and Sam’s bedrooms at University. We started playing blink-182 covers together and our first ever gig was the University Battle of the Bands competition. We got to the final and finished 3rd...out of 3!

Why did you choose the name Jet Pack?

Paul: Through sheer desperation! We had gigs booked but still no band name so we styled ourselves after a James Bond computer game called Agent Under Fire that involved flying around on Jet Packs. Ironic really, given that our latest single is taken from a James Bond quote!

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