Thursday 6 September 2018

Theatre Review: School of Rock, The Musical

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As regular readers of The Writing Greyhound will doubtless already know, I am a big fan of both theatre and musicals. In the last few months, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see a number of shows - some for the first time, others for another visit. So, when I headed down to London to catch my latest theatrical experience, I was understandably looking forward to the night ahead!

Many of you will undoubtedly already be familiar with the story of School of Rock, probably from the hit 2004 movie of the same name. The story follows Dewey Finn, a down-on-his-luck musician who lives and breathes rock music, as he finds himself desperately searching for a job. Ending up posing as his friend, Ned Schneebly, Dewey ends up "teaching" at a prestigious private school. Forsaking the curriculum, Dewey decides to make the most of his newfound position and gives the children a musical education like no other, formulating a class rock band. As Dewey and his class begin to learn more about each other, it isn't long before Dewey is in over his head and events begin to spiral out of control...

The musical follows the same storyline as the film, but understandably, things seem much different translated onto the stage. For a London venue, the Gillian Lynne Theatre is quite intimate and affords a much more personal experience than some of the bigger theatres, where you can often feel detached from the performance. This closeness is perfect for School of Rock, as you get to witness the show up close and personal - not to mention the chance to embrace the opportunity to join in and rock out with the cast!

Although Dewey Finn is the main character, the show stealers are undoubtedly the younger members of the cast. When you consider the children's young ages, the quality and standard of their talent is truly incredible. Night after night, these children go out in front of the audience and play their hearts out - as was the case with the film, each of the young actors plays their instruments live on stage in every show. If that's not dedication, then I don't know what is!

By the end of the night, the audience was on their feet, smiling and clapping along as the show came to a rousing close. Due to the film's popularity, many people had reservations about whether or not a musical version would be able to live up to the expectations brought about by the movie. Well, in short, the answer is definitely yes!

School of Rock, the Musical is a wonderful experience for all the family to enjoy and I would definitely recommend booking a trip to see it if you can.

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