Friday 10 August 2018

Film Review: Incredibles 2

When Pixar released the original Incredibles film, I was 10 years old. Now, 14 years later, the animation studios have unleashed the sequel on the world and given countless people like me the perfect opportunity to relive a classic childhood movie. So, when I finally went to watch the film a few weeks ago, I was full of expectations and couldn't wait to get back into the world of the Incredibles!

The story continues on from the events of the original film, catching up with all our favourite characters while introducing some great new ones. Of course, the Incredibles themselves are back, along with popular fan favourites like Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and E (Brad Bird). This reintroduction of familiar characters and crime-fighting scenarios helps to create a feeling of continuity, bridging the 14-year gap between Incredibles and Incredibles 2.

When it comes to the plot, action and adventure are top of the bill, yet there is also a healthy dose of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. With the high-tech, fast-paced action sequences perfectly juxtaposed against the comparatively routine mundanity of everyday home life, this film manages to perfectly encapsulate both worlds and spread a message highlighting the importance of family.

In addition, it's clear that the scriptwriters for Incredibles 2 had a clear series of messages and morals in mind during the writing process. From the importance of maintaining strong family relationships and keeping a healthy work-life balance to highlighting the risks associated with the modern world's increasing reliance on technology, it seems as though the film contains a little bit of everything. However, we can't move on without making time to mention one of the biggest themes of the movie - equality.

While individual viewers will always take different messages from films, for me, one of the biggest themes tackled in Incredibles 2 was equality and the role of women in society. Of course, it's no secret that women are traditionally portrayed as housewives and mothers - women whose main role is to support the hero of the story. Incredibles 2 takes that stereotype and completely turns it on its end - here, it is the women who take charge and it is the women who absolutely steal the show. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), Violet (Sarah Vowell), Evelyn (Catherine Keener), Voyd (Sophia Bush), E... the list of strong, independent women goes on. In 2018, who says a woman can't be a great superhero?

Sure to be a big hit with children and adults alike, Incredibles 2 is a breakneck ride and a real rollercoaster of action. Pixar's animation is flawless and faultless as always, while the storyline happily lives up to the high calibre set by the original movie. Offering the perfect way to escape the summer heat, Incredibles 2 is a fun-filled family-friendly film that certainly won't disappoint - no matter how much you loved the first film!

Have you seen Incredibles 2 yet? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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