Friday, 12 June 2015

Interview: Threatpoint's Alex Olivetti

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Threatpoint are a groove metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the US. The band includes Chris James (vocals), CJ Krukowski (drums), Alex Olivetti (guitar), Mike White (guitar) and Eric Ross (bass). I sat down for a chat with Alex about the band, their influences, and what's next for Threatpoint.

What made you first become interested in music?

My father had guitars around the house when I was younger and both he and my mother always had music playing, so it kind of spiralled from there.

How did Threatpoint start?

A mutual friend actually got the ball rolling. CJ and I played in a band with our singer Chris' old band, so we already knew each other. We had a couple line-up changes and currently have Mike and Eric, who came from a band Threatpoint played with numerous times.

Who are your musical influences?

A lot of newer American metal bands - Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Shadows Fall, Tremonti, etc. I also love some old-school metal like Metallica, Pantera and Testament. In terms of lead playing, Paul Gilbert is my favourite guitar player. I used to play for hours and hours a day with his instructional videos.

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