Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Interview: Duke Special

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Peter Wilson, aka Duke Special, is a Belfast-based songwriter. His music is a unique blend of alternative folk and soul, influenced by many other genres. Duke’s piano-oriented songs are complemented by his warm, yet somehow haunting vocals, made distinctive by his strong accent. However, his voice isn’t his only distinctive characteristic. His ‘hobo chic’ image, complete with dreadlocks and eyeliner, definitely makes for a memorable character.

Despite this image, the Duke Special who met me before his Milton Keynes show on Friday was a softly-spoken and politely charming musician, taking time to talk to me about his music.

What made you first want to become a musician?

Seeing one of the Beatles movies. I was 10 years old and they were singing You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away and I was really drawn to that. I grew up in a musical house. My granny was a piano teacher and my three older sisters all played and sang, so I guess music was always around me.

What music do you listen to?

Such a wide variety. Anything from old 78 RPM records - a lot of old gospel, blues, R&B, current jazz, Caribbean, rockabilly, rock’n’roll…

So what’s your favourite song?

It changes all the time, but currently I’m Going In A Field by Ivor Cutler.

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