Wednesday 9 November 2022

Book Review: The London Girls by Soraya M. Lane

The London Girls by Soraya M. Lane book cover

AD* | London, 1941. The Blitz. When a Royal Navy memo arrives at head office, requesting female recruits to sign up as motorcycle dispatch riders, delivering highly classified orders across the country, three women jump at the chance to sign up for the most dangerous jobs in London.

Olivia grew up riding motorcycles with her brothers, and with them fighting abroad she feels it is her duty to join up. The thrill of adventure draws Ava, but with more enthusiasm than skill, will she learn to navigate the treacherous London streets safely? Having lost her family during one of the first air attacks, Florence knows how important it is to have help arrive on the scene - fast - and so she steps up, out-manoeuvring the men behind the wheel of an ambulance. When Olivia, Ava and Florence meet for the first time they know they have found something all of them need - family.

As bombs fall, decimating the city they love, these three brave women build a sisterhood amid the rumble, facing down anyone - even their own families - who object to their service. And while romances bloom and fade, their connection grows ever stronger. But none of them dares consider the terrifying reality that one night Florence’s ambulance may be rescuing someone she loves...

The London Girls is a great read that grips you right from the very start.

It's set in London during the Blitz in WW2 and follows three brave, courageous young women who volunteer their services for the war effort. Ava and Olivia train to become motorcycle dispatch riders, while their newfound friend Florence heads off to drive an ambulance, taking casualties from the nightly bombings to the hospital. 

Faced with opposition on all sides, the trio band together to find the strength they need to continue their dangerous jobs night after night. They know that if all else fails, they will always have each other, and it's this strong bond that unites them despite their vastly different backgrounds and circumstances. Indeed, although this is primarily a story about the war, it's as much about the power of friendship as it is about fighting the enemy and joining the war effort.

All three of these women are inspirational, both in the context of the book and also today. It's incredible to think that this is based on a true story - while Ava, Olivia, and Florence may be fictional characters, many of the tasks they complete in the story were really carried out by real women during the war. These women stood their ground, determined to do their bit for the country despite facing massive adversity. It's great that The London Girls highlights their sacrifices, and brings their story into the light again today.

An immersive read with family at its heart, The London Girls is another great historical fiction novel from author Soraya M. Lane.

Rating: 4 stars

The London Girls is available to buy now.

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