Wednesday 4 May 2022

Book Review: Truth or Dare by Sophie McKenzie

Truth or Dare by Sophie McKenzie book cover

AD* | Fourteen-year-old Maya cannot believe she has to spend the summer with her grandmother, helping out at the family cosmetics firm. But things get much more exciting when she meets a community of activists who are campaigning against the dumping of chemical waste. 

Moving closer to one boy, in particular, Bear, Maya is dared to join one of their protest missions but doesn't know that her grandmother's business is the target. 

Someone has been lying about their environmentally-friendly products, and as danger threatens, Maya must uncover the truth or betray her family forever.

Truth or Dare is an exciting tale of right versus wrong, told through a young girl's eyes.

Main character Maya isn't the most likeable person from the start, although she does become more nuanced as the story progresses. Initially, though, she is self-centred and cares about little beyond her immediate bubble of friends, image, and the latest fast fashion styles. 

Once she begins working at the family factory during the summer holidays, Maya is forced to take on more responsibility and actually soon begins to enjoy her work. But on the flip side, she is drawn toward her new friend Bear and the self-sufficient lifestyle his community leads. 

These contrasting scenarios quickly begin to tear Maya in two; she doesn't want to let anyone down, yet she is conflicted and feels as though she's forced to choose one over the other. It's a difficult situation, not helped by pressure from the supporting characters and Maya's own conscience. 

The story itself is dramatic and full of plenty of twists and turns. It's fast-paced and leads up to an intense conclusion that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. The nail-biting action is underpinned by Maya's moral dilemma, which also adds a unique element to the plot. 

Gripping and enjoyable, Truth or Dare is another strong story from bestselling Young Adult author Sophie McKenzie.

Rating: 3 stars

Truth or Dare is available to buy now.

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