Friday 12 November 2021

Book Review: A Special Cornish Christmas by Phillipa Ashley

A Special Cornish Christmas by Phillipa Ashley book cover

AD* | For Bo Grayson, Christmas has always been the most wonderful time of the year. Well, until she had her heart broken last December...

At a local summer fete, Bo and her friends meet the mysterious fortune teller Madame Odette, and they are each given the same prediction: You will meet the love of your life by Christmas Day.

With just a few months until the festive season, they dismiss the predictions out of hand. Bo’s attentions are focused on creating the best seasonal menu for her Boatyard CafĂ©, and her rock and roll dance group – the Falford Flingers – who are hard at work getting ready for their Christmas Spectacular show.

The last thing she imagines is that she’ll be ready to open her heart again. But will fate – and perhaps a sprinkle of Christmas magic – change her mind?

Sweet and endearingly romantic, A Special Cornish Christmas is the tale of two people trying their hardest not to fall in love. 

The story is set in the same world as Phillipa's other novel, An Endless Cornish Summer. Its characters inhabit the picturesque coastal village of Falford and this tight-knit community are always willing to pull together and help one another out. Some of the previous book's characters pop up again here, and if you're familiar with them, it's nice to read about a friendly face! However, this book could also be easily read as a standalone without losing any enjoyment from the story. 

Main character Bo is a quirky character. An eternal optimist, she offers a ready smile and a listening ear to friends and customers alike. She runs her own business, a waterfront cafe, and loves nothing more than baking, dancing, and her standout vintage style. 

Of course, though, as Christmas rolls around, Bo can't help but be reminded of the heartbreak she suffered over the last festive season. But with a friend to support and a business to keep her focused, Bo can't afford to be maudlin. Will she manage to find true love at last this Christmas?

Bo's friends add colour to the story, fleshing out the world and breathing life into her love of dancing and vintage music. Her wardrobe is also vividly detailed - from scarves in her hair to custom dresses to die for, I can't be the only one wishing for just a fraction of Bo's individual style!

This is the perfect book to get you in the mood for the holidays as we approach the festive season. Grab a mince pie and settle in for a Cornish Christmas like no other!  

Rating: 4 stars

A Special Cornish Christmas is available to buy now.

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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