Sunday 31 October 2021

Reading Round-Up: September/October 2021

The Writing Greyhound book stack

Happy Halloween!

On the spookiest day of the year, I'm looking back on all the books I've been reading this autumn. From much-loved classics to brand-new stories hot off the press, there's a little bit of something for everyone in there...

If you missed my summer reading round-up post, you can catch up here

What is Reading Round-Up?

Reading Round-Up is a simple way for me to keep track of everything book-related and a fun way to show you what I've been reading over the last few months!

Out are the books I've read in September and October.

In are the books I've acquired during that time.

And wishlist are the books I've found out about and want to buy but have yet to manage to get my hands on!


  • Magpie by Elizabeth Day 
  • The Royal Game by Anne O'Brien 
  • The Undying Tower by Melissa Welliver 
  • The Wish by Nicholas Sparks 
  • The Man Who Died Twice (Thursday Murder Club #2) by Richard Osman 
  • A Poet for Every Day of the Year by Allie Esiri 
  • Come With Me by Nicola Viceconti 
  • Lucky by Ed Jackson 
  • The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon by Sarah Steele 
  • The Lighthouse Witches by C.J. Cooke
  • Five Tuesdays in Winter by Lily King 
  • A Match Made in Venice by Leonie Mack
  • The Lost Girl in Paris by Jina Bacarr 
  • Sisters Behaving Badly by Maddie Please
  • Extraordinary Women in History by Leah Gail 
  • Gilded by Marissa Meyer
  • The Raven and the Dove by K.M. Butler
  • The Ivory Key by Akshaya Raman 
  • Always, in December by Emily Stone 
  • The Secrets of Elloughton Park by Stephen Taylor 
  • The Bookseller's Secret by Michelle Gable 
  • Just River by Sara B. Fraser
  • The Last Witches of England by John Callow 
  • The Story of Our Secrets by Shari Low
  • The Golden Girls' Getaway by Judy Leigh
  • The Embroidered Book by Kate Heartfield 
  • The Midnight Man by Caroline Mitchell 
  • Talk Bookish to Me by Kate Bromley
  • The Silk House by Kayte Nunn
  • The Stray Cats of Homs by Eva Nour
  • Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot #15) by Agatha Christie
  • A Million Dreams by Dani Atkins
  • The Haunting Season
  • Roxy by Neal Shusterman & Jarrod Shusterman
  • The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan
  • Reflections by Holly Willoughby
  • Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) by Lee Child
  • Echo Burning (Jack Reacher #5) by Lee Child
  • Without Fail (Jack Reacher #6) by Lee Child
  • One Shot (Jack Reacher #9) by Lee Child
  • Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher #11) by Lee Child
  • Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher #12) by Lee Child
  • Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher #13) by Lee Child
  • The Affair (Jack Reacher #16) by Lee Child
  • Never Go Back (Jack Reacher #18) by Lee Child
  • Personal (Jack Reacher #19) by Lee Child
  • Night School (Jack Reacher #21) by Lee Child
  • Past Tense (Jack Reacher #23) by Lee Child
  • The Sentinel (Jack Reacher #25) by Lee Child
  • Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas
  • The Last Thing She Told Me by Linda Green
  • The Child (Kate Waters #2) by Fiona Barton 
  • The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana
  • Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks 
  • Last Lullaby (Detective Natalie Ward #2) by Carol Wyer
  • Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell
  • Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan
  • The Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox by Claire Gradidge
  • 11 Missed Calls by Elisabeth Carpenter
  • Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell
  • The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck 

  • Whisper Cottage by Anne Wyn Clark 
  • Black Drop by Leonora Nattrass 
  • Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff
  • The Christmas Killer (DI James Walker #1) by Alex Pine
  • The Killer in the Snow (DI James Walker #2) by Alex Pine
  • If Only They Could Talk (All Creatures Great and Small #1) by James Herriot
  • It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet (All Creatures Great and Small #2) by James Herriot
  • Let Sleeping Vets Lie (All Creatures Great and Small #3) by James Herriot
  • Vet in Harness (All Creatures Great and Small #4) by James Herriot
  • Vets Might Fly (All Creatures Great and Small #5) by James Herriot
  • Vet in a Spin (All Creatures Great and Small #6) by James Herriot
  • The Lord God Made Them All (All Creatures Great and Small #7) by James Herriot

  • The Wolf Den by Elodie Harper
  • The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave 
  • Storyland by Amy Jeffs
  • You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao 
  • Madame Burova by Ruth Hogan 
  • A Tomb With a View by Peter Ross 
  • The Mabinogion 
  • A High Mortality of Doves by Kate Ellis 
  • Threadneedle by Cari Thomas 
  • The Ends of the Earth by Abbie Greaves 
  • The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
  • Widows by Lynda La Plante 
  • Fall by West Camel 
  • A Shadow on the Lens by Sam Hurcom
  • The Lighthouse by Fran Dorricott
  • The Others by Sarah Blau 
  • Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu 
  • The Post Office by Charles Bukowski 
  • The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell
  • The Widow (Kate Waters #1) by Fiona Barton
  • The Birthday (Detective Natalie Ward #1) by Carol Wyer

What have you been reading recently? Have you read a book I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!

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