Wednesday 28 July 2021

Book Review: Touch of Euphoria by Cat Holland

A Touch of Euphoria by Cat Holland book cover

AD* | A magical love story that spans two realms. An epic read!

Love at first sight is not a notion that Lucy Lavender thinks about often, but when she meets her literary hero her world is turned upside down. Not only is Fabian Lightfoot irresistibly handsome, smart and funny, but has hidden depths that she is eager to discover.

When an unfortunate event changes Lucy’s life forever, she is faced with the stark realisation that she is not just an average woman - or human for that matter. Fabian’s own secrets are forced to the surface too. The fantasy world he writes about is more than just fiction. Euphoros is his home.

Together they journey back to his homeland on an adventure to discover the truth about Lucy, battle an underlying evil that threatens the harmony of the realm, and figure out why the mysterious entity is intent on keeping them apart.

Is their love strong enough to withstand what is thrown at them? One thing Lucy knows for sure; she is meant to be with Fabian and she is meant to save Euphoros.

Touch of Euphoria is an original and unique fantasy novel. 

However, this is certainly not the book I thought it would be when I first started reading! I was all ready to enjoy a soft and sweet romance slowly developing between Lucy and Fabian, the main characters. I got totally blindsided when I remembered this was a fantasy! That certainly wasn't a disappointment, though, as the book was executed brilliantly. 

Romance is a strong part of the story and the swiftly developing romance between Lucy and Fabian is touching and thrilling in equal measure. The fantasy element of the book is written excellently, with detailed world-building and descriptions that immerse you in the unfamiliar world of Euphoros.

This is a long book and a lot happens in its pages. The pacing is varied too. Some parts are slow and measured while others jump around erratically. This can be a little chaotic and hard to follow - especially with keeping track of two separate worlds as well! Luckily, it doesn't spoil the overall narrative and flow of the book. 

The ending neatly ties up most of the plot points but leaves a big opening for a potential sequel. Will Lucy and Fabian get their happily ever after? I think I'll need to keep my fingers crossed for a book two to find out!

Rating: 3 stars

Touch of Euphoria is available to buy now. 

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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