Wednesday 9 June 2021

Book Review: Recipe for Mr Right by Anni Rose

Recipe for Mr Right by Anni Rose book cover

AD* | A sprinkle of luck and a dollop of fate...

Ruby Brooks is a little sceptical when her horoscope says she’s going to have a fabulous year – especially when she loses a boyfriend and a job in quick succession. Plus, a rogue kitchen fitter has run off and taken everything, including the kitchen sink!

So, Ruby takes luck and fate into her own hands with an unusual resolution – she’ll enter ten competitions a day, whether they’re for her dream Japanese holiday or a year’s supply of dog food (she doesn’t have a dog), and win her way to happiness.

But when a Valentine’s Day prize from a local restaurant results in chef Adam Finder (and his dog, Brutus) appearing in her life, is that luck or fate? And will Ruby ultimately find out that true happiness doesn’t need to be won?

Recipe for Mr Right is a deliciously tantalising tale of finding love in the unlikeliest of places!

Ruby is a quirky and likeable main character. With no job, no boyfriend, and a messy, unfinished flat, she decides to take things into her own hands to turn her luck around. How does she do that? Simple - she starts looking for competitions to enter in an attempt to win back her happiness.

One of Ruby's first wins is a homecooked Valentine's Day meal, prepared by a chef from a local restaurant. The only problems are: 
  1. Ruby doesn't have a date
  2. The chef just happens to be her super hot neighbour
Armed with a bizarre range of prizes, Ruby soon ends up attracting the wrong kind of attention. With the stakes climbing higher, it isn't long before everything gets called into question - including the blossoming attraction between Ruby and Adam. Are their feelings strong enough to weather the storm? 

Recipe for Mr Right is a highly enjoyable, light read - yet with some darker themes also present. These more serious topics are dealt with expertly, without overlooking the gravity of the situation. It also helps to ground the story and introduce tension to the romance. 

Overall, though, this is a sweet romance story that is engaging and interesting. If you enjoy will they won't they stories and happy endings, this is the book for you! 

Recipe for Mr Right is the perfect book for summer and is bound to keep you reading on! 

Rating: 4 stars

Recipe for Mr Right is available to buy now.

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* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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