Monday 11 January 2021

Emerald Jewellery for Every Occasion

Emerald Jewellery for Every Occasion

AD* | Emerald jewellery is bright, bold, and beautiful. There are many different varieties of emerald jewellery to choose from, but people can often feel unsure about when is the perfect time to wear which piece of emerald jewellery. Emeralds may be fabulous, but that doesn't mean that this gemstone should only be reserved for the most extravagant of occasions! 

You might be surprised how well you could work a piece of emerald jewellery into a casual outfit, to give your look an extra special twist. From weddings to work days, read on to find out what type of jewellery suits every occasion.  

Your Engagement 

Although diamonds have long been considered the most fitting gemstone for an engagement ring - at least, they have been since the De Beers 'Diamonds are forever' campaign in the 1940s - other gemstones are becoming more popular. Not only are high-quality emeralds actually rarer than diamonds, but this gemstone is also fairly scratch-resistant, making them a great choice for an engagement ring that you'll wear day-to-day. 

A Wedding 

If you've been invited to a wedding and you're yet to decide on your outfit, then why not choose a look that you can incorporate emerald jewellery into? For a summer wedding, a set of emerald drop earrings along with an elegant emerald cocktail ring would look fabulous with a bright, floral dress. For a winter wedding, try combining emeralds with diamonds for that extra festive sparkle. Emerald and diamond cluster earrings would look splendid!

A Formal Dinner

When selecting your outfit and jewellery for a formal dinner, you should aim to look sleek and elegant. This would be a great excuse to bring out some of your beloved emerald jewellery. For a classy and timeless look, emeralds and pearls marry wonderfully together. You could opt for a pearl necklace with a sparkling emerald clasp for example, or a vintage pearl and emerald brooch. 


Depending on what job you work in, a small amount of jewellery may be appropriate. The key with wearing jewellery at work, however, is to keep it refined. Anything too large or extravagant will look out of place and strange in the context of an office, but a simple chain necklace with a small emerald pendant, or some small and dainty emerald stud earrings would look wonderful. Why not add a bit of glamour into the daily grind?

A Cocktail Party 

When a cocktail party is approaching, you've got your chance to pull out all the stops and wear your favourite pieces of emerald jewellery. If you choose a simple black cocktail dress, you can let your jewellery do the talking, and emeralds will shine brightly against a simple black backdrop. Don't hold back on adorning your fingers with vintage emerald rings and adding a bracelet or a bangle. Larger earrings or a dazzling antique necklace would also be perfect for such an occasion.  

Emerald jewellery has the ability to take you from a working day to an evening of excitement, you just have to figure out how showstopping you want your look to be. Tiny emeralds will add a glint of colour to a simple outfit, while larger gemstones will steal the show and take everyone's breath away! If you're a lover of all things emerald, you'll find a way to incorporate them into every occasion.

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What's your favourite way to accessorise with emeralds? Share your style tips in the comments below! 

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