Monday 25 November 2019

3 Things Brands are Looking for from Bloggers

Last Updated: 30 March 2021

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AD* | Bloggers and social media influencers are becoming an increasingly important weapon in the arsenal of digital marketing and PR. More and more brands are starting to welcome the possibility of collaborations and working with bloggers and influencers to broaden their reach and gain valuable exposure for their products and services.

These types of collaborations are a two-way street, though, and it's important to remember that both parties should gain benefit from the activity in order to make sure it's worthwhile for everyone involved.

I have experience on both sides, as a blogger and having previously collaborated with bloggers on behalf of various brands and businesses. I'm hoping that I can put my knowledge to good use and help show my fellow bloggers the things that most brands are looking for when it comes to digital partnerships - so read on for my top three things that brands are looking for from bloggers!

1. Quality

While every brand will judge the quality of a blog or social media channel differently, high-quality platforms are far more likely to garner interest from brands. After all, if you want a brand to invest their time, money, and resources in you and your platform, it's important to show that you can give them a valuable service and offer good value for their investment in you.

Quality can depend on things like good traffic, engagement, and metrics like your DA (domain authority) but it can also include the standard of the content you are producing, whether it's written, imagery, or video. It all counts. Lastly, brands are also looking to work with blogs/channels that are relevant to their goals, their ethos, and their outlook as a brand. If you don't see a natural link between your blog and the brand, then the chances are that they won't either.

Luckily, there are various ways to easily increase the quality of your work. Increasing the value of your channel can attract new brands - and this could lead to valuable, long-term partnerships. A few key elements include ensuring that your content contains proven facts, in-depth insights, and informative, inspirational messaging. These are all positive signals for brands looking to boost their awareness. You might also be interested in protecting yourself against any issues which may arise. For instance, you could consider professional liability coverage from One Sure Insurance.

2. Communication

This isn't just about making sure that you reply to brands when they express interest in a potential partnership - it's about maintaining a polite, courteous, and professional manner. After all, at its core, this is a business transaction, so it's important to keep things respectable and friendly. This can include everything from promptly replying to emails to staying on top of your invoicing. Being prepared and organised is always a big plus in a brand's eyes! 

Similarly, which ties into the next point, brands want to know that they can rely on the bloggers and influencers that they are working with. Of course, trust needs to go both ways, but dropping off the face of the earth after agreeing to a collaboration is hardly going to paint you in the best possible light to a brand. Just remember - real people are behind every brand. A little courtesy really can go a long way!

3. Commitment

Last but certainly not least, commitment is a big one. Again, tying into the above point, both brands and bloggers/influencers need to know that they can trust the other party - trustworthiness is key for maintaining a solid, mutually beneficial working relationship.

Efficiency is also a big tick for brands, yet it doesn't have to involve bending over backwards to exceed a brand's expectations. From my experience, most brands are simply looking to work with people who are committed to their work, can deliver projects to agreed deadlines, and will stick to briefs and produce quality content.

It's important to remember that every brand and every blogger or influencer is unique. Everyone wants different things from collaborations, so what works for one brand may not work for another. Always make sure to do your research thoroughly and make sure you're happy with the terms of the partnership or agreement before signing up - and this goes for both parties.

Above all else, though, these collaborations should be fun and exciting ways to engage audiences and reach out to potential new customers. The world of digital marketing and PR is changing every day, and I strongly believe that bloggers and influencers will have a significant role to play in the future of advertising, marketing, and PR.

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