Monday 12 August 2019

5 of the Best Places to Eat in Chinatown, London

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Whether you're a seasoned visitor to the capital or a first-time tourist, London's Chinatown is always a great area to visit. Whenever I'm in the city, I usually find myself in Chinatown - often for a walk through to Leicester Square, Foyles, or the Theatre District, but increasingly, to stop off and sample some of the area's delicious food and drink. 

Chinatown and the surrounding streets are packed full of restaurants, cafes, and pop-ups offering everything from traditional cuisine to trendy new treats, so I've compiled a list featuring five of my favourites for you to try next time you're in the city!


Cuppacha is probably my favourite place to get a drink in London. With a wide variety of completely customisable drinks, ranging from fruit tea to milk tea, it's easy to create a drink to suit your tastes. Cuppacha is so good that there's almost always a queue, so if you're in a hurry, it's probably not the time to try it out. However, if you don't mind a bit of a wait to get your drinks, they're certainly well worth it!

Find it: 23 Newport Court, London, WC2H 7JS 

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Chinatown Bakery

If you've got a sweet tooth, this is the perfect pitstop for you! Chinatown Bakery is ideal for picking up a freshly-baked treat to eat on-the-go, ideal for that busy London lifestyle. There is always plenty of choice and the goods are reasonably priced too - a definite bonus in the big city!

Find it: 7 Newport Place, London, WC2H 7JR

Golden Dragon

Offering a wide range of traditional Cantonese and Pekinese cuisine, the Golden Dragon is one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown and is a hit among locals and tourists alike. The staff are polite and efficient, and I've never had to wait long for my food, even during busy periods. The food itself is delicious and well-cooked, with plenty of choices to suit even the fussiest eaters!

Find it: 28-29 Gerrard Street, London, W1D 6JW

The Theatre Café

I might be cheating a little because this one is just outside Chinatown, but the Theatre Cafe is brilliant if you're a big fan of theatre like me! The whole place is themed around the theatre, with decor ranging from show props to flyers and programmes from past and present West End shows. Step in for a coffee or a bite to eat and enjoy a little taste of the showbiz lifestyle!

Find it: 66 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6LX

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Bubblewrap Waffle

This one is also just outside Chinatown (sssh!) but it warrants a spot on the list because who doesn't love dessert? Essentially, this is a pop-up boutique selling freshly-made waffles, filled with your choice of toppings and delicious gelato. They're great street food to eat on the go, but plan ahead in case things get a little messy! Again, this one is usually busy, so come prepared to queue!

Find it: 24 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6QJ

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive, and there are plenty of places I've yet to visit! Chinatown is one of my favourite parts of London and hopefully, I'll be able to add to this list over time. In the meantime, though, I hope you enjoy visiting my favourites and trying them for yourselves! 

Have you been to any of these places? Do you have anything to add that I've missed off my list? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. We are about due a visit back to London so will be keeping these in mind, thank you. I will definitely be visiting Bubblewrap Waffle! x

    Thanks so much for being part of #MMBC.

  2. This post is making me hungry! I haven't eaten in China town for years! #MMBC

    1. It sounds like you're due another visit soon then! x

  3. Oh my I didn't know there was a bubblewrap waffle - we had our first in Liverpool recently and was smitten! Thank you!! And for sharing with #PoCoLo

  4. These look amazing! I haven't been to London for a while, but I'm glad I've got some ideas for next time. The waffles would go down amazingly with my family! Thanks for linking up #AdventureCalling

    1. I hope you all enjoy if you do pop down for a visit! x